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Final UK Govt 'X-Files' released for download

The final tranche of UFO files released by The National Archives contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters, and photos and parliamentary questions covering the final two years of the Ministry of Defence's UFO Desk (from late 2007 until November 2009).

Discover the reasons behind the closure of the UFO desk, the handling of the largest number of UFO sighting reports received in 30 years and the disclosure campaign for ‘the truth’, which was sparked by the closure of the UFO Desk.

For decades the UK Ministry of Defence had an 'X-Files' UFO office which investigated any reports they got from local police, pilots, air traffic control or the public.
In 2009 the office was disbanded with the explanation that it was a waste of money and no defence need was apparent for it to continue.

Some claim conspiracy and cover up, while others assume the story is as it is, regardless though, this last tranche of reports are now available for free download here>>

The PDF's are large but quite interesting if only for the amusement value and although free at the moment this is only for a limited time and then a fee will be charged.

Personally I sit on the fence with the whole thing. I can absolutely imagine the UK government being involved in any cover up where it suits them, but I can equally imagine that genuine investigations have been made and no evidence has been found to support the many claims.

Perhaps if a little green man lands in my garden pointing a ray gun at me I'll change my opinion, but until then...
Just saw this in the archives, made me chuckle..

Some of the claims are fantastic though, one guy said his car, tent, and dog were stolen by aliens when he was camping! Shocked
watersoul wrote:
Just saw this in the archives, made me chuckle..


Some of the claims are fantastic though, one guy said his car, tent, and dog were stolen by aliens when he was camping! Shocked

I bet there are a lot of those! Actually, I bet there are so many that it really overshadows the real complaints or inexplicable happenings.

It's funny to me that they can dump all the files to the public, and people still cry cover-up. They did cover things up... but the proper term is "redacted" for privacy reasons.

What reason would they have for covering up the truth? I've never figured that out.

I heard a strange call into a radio station from someone who supposedly worked at Area 51 saying the US government was infiltrated by inter-dimensional beings. Then the call was cut off, and everyone got really scared. Am I the only one asking the question: If there really are inter-dimensional beings, then why wait till the guy speaks to cut off the radio station? Why not use this vastly superior technology to show up where the guy is, kill him, show up at the radio station, kill them, and go back in time to air an episode of barney the purple dinosaur? The guy who was hosting the show on the radio says it's the first time in 15 years of radio that anything like the station going black has happened to him. Well, there's a first time for everything, so enjoy the ratings -- which he did I'm sure. I can't be the only one to say that situation is not adding up, am I?

He did say we should all move away from major population areas because the government intends to help these beings kill us all. News flash - we're killing ourselves at a great rate, and we don't need any help. I give us decades at best, and if we survive the century then that will be absolutely amazing. As far as I can figure you need to get somewhere cold in order to survive, and seeing how I hate the cold I'm probably going to die when the major population goes. Those who can stand the cold will live longer, but not by much.
Haha brilliant reply ICT!
I have to say I agree with pretty much everything you said so can't really add anything worthwhile except maybe many folk just buy in to the poster and 'want to believe' Laughing

I'm a little more optimistic about human life on the planet though because of our ability to adapt as a species. I could easily see a change in the peoples who will survive well though because the natural world ignores international boundaries.
Perhaps the millions dying of starvation and dirty water around the world right now will be the land/resource rich of the future, although the cynic inside thinks 'The West' could just steal it by force first.
watersoul wrote:
'The West' could just steal it by force first.

They already did, you missed it? Smile Such a crazy world in which we live.
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