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The new Flickr with 1TB "storage"

Da Rossa
Hi, I'd like to know from the Flickr users your impressions with this big revamp.
To be honest I've never been a Flickr user, and got attracted by the new no-cost 1TB storage. But then I began seeing why yahoo is so comfortable about giving 1TB for free: actually, you'll hardly fill your space, even if you actually have enough pictures.

I though Flickr was not only a show-off service for displaying and sharing photos with others, but also a good way to backup your pictures, given that we have a lot since digital cameras appeared on the market (more than 10 years of digital photo stacks). But the upload interface is quite unfriendly and impractical, and the upload tool freezes a lot.
When you upload a batch set of pictures, you don't actually have them organized like your folders in your computer; you have to create the nasty tags and albums, which are only virtual organization methods.
Too bad, because as far as I know there is no limitation under Flickr's TOS to use as plain storage, provided you don't share grosse pics with the community.

Am I missing somethin'? Can Flickr and its upload tool be used just like Dropbox in some way or do we indeed have to go through those filtering, tagging and album creating tedious task?
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