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IQ vs SQ vs EQ?

which score do you think is best,
at projecting out the best potential of a person.?

Shocked Embarassed
I prefer not to Q... I mean the long waiting times... c'mon Smile
1. SQ - social intelligence must be most worth - just wars in the world so why not?
2. EQ - is needed for personal understanding , and that leads to SQ in a way...
3. IQ - debateable, sure there is a need for it but "intelligent" people seem to like to sent unintelligent people to powerty... and is that intelligent???
spinout wrote:
3. IQ - debateable, sure there is a need for it but "intelligent" people seem to like to sent unintelligent people to powerty... and is that intelligent???

I think you're conflating power with intelligence.
Yes, I do. In military I was indoctrinated with charts showing the corelation between IQ and a what military grade you had! And here in Sweden the poeple with the highest IQ vote for the right wing "power people" party. Yes, I am conflating. And In that sense a high IQ for me is not meaning intelligence, rather the opposite.
So, intentionally misunderstanding to make a point. Laudable.
Can someone explain the difference in simple words? I'm too lazy to Google it. Razz

I do know about IQ, and have taken several IQ tests online. My scores have been around 130 to 140, though I doubt how reliable these scores are.
IQ tests, let say you got 140+ ... Write down on a piece of paper a positive and a negative column. Now polulate the columns; on the positive side actions you have done that someone really really have thanked you, and on the negative side actions where people have deeply suffered for a long time.

Most people wind up with the negative side looooonger than the positive side. And the remarkable thing is that the higher your IQ score are the bigger the negative side is in relative to the positive (in general). So the higher IQ makes a lower SQ!!!!

dev2avi wrote:
which score do you think is best,
at projecting out the best potential of a person.?


This IQ "intelligent quotient" (irt 100% "normal") barely exist for measurement purposes, serving lazy schools. When the education program yields no means for suitable conclusions, some generalist "psychologist" turns up, confronting school kids with puzzles of a certain kind (sometimes culturally biassed) to allow for SOME numeric value, related to SOME table allegdly representing the general population, to decide the future of a kid in school. I think it's bogus. The way IQ is tested is also biased: analytic talent is appreciated, while synthetic talent (or creativity) is ignored in these tests.

As for SQ and EQ.. yes it's a fact some people have more friends than other people.. but it's also a fact, that less people actually matter they exist in "lonelyness" ! They enjoy independent life ! It may be a problem to have a low EQ in your relation with your mother of course, but does anyone else really care ? You're just a pain in the ass when you've got a low SQ ? Or some nutcase when your EQ turns out lower than average ? I wonder how it's measured.. really... I suspect SQ and EQ only exist in de minds of people making money with psychology test fillin forms.
In my study of the authistic mind I have seen some gotten a high SQ. And some have descibed their techniques as seeing the social interaction as a "sandvich". Meaning that how you interact is a skill of adding the right ingridient at the right time and in the right porpotion. Some, yes some. Most don't stand a chance. And I think in some porpotion the openness of the autisthic most is a benefit to the SQ.
In the university the kid with the highest IQ had one of the lovest SQ, the common interpretation of this was "he thinks too much". Even myself (can studder a bit and make odd teasing comments) was a better talker. When he talked the conversation "ended", and that is hard for the other part to break the ice every 30s second... But I suppose he didn't need the skill to talk in life when he easily passed all math/tech tests without training.
Autism doesn't generally produce high SQ - rather the opposite. Many autistic kids have high IQ but non are likely to have high SQ..I think you are confused.
"Some, yes some. Most don't stand a chance" - means autism is low SQ as a consequence. I am not confused, just telling the same thing... i.e. Det r enklare att skriva p svenska! (i.e. It is easier to write in Swedish...)
Autism will ALWAYS tend to lower the SQ significantly. It is essentially a condition which acts on the very things that make-up SQ - particularly the ability to first see others as like you, leading to the ability to empathise.
The effect of autism on SQ would be like the effect of a broken ankle on a high-jumper - he might still get off the ground but he sure isn't going to break records. Any suffer of Autism will, almost by definition, be lower on SQ than they would be without the condition and most will be VERY low.

I have worked with a few autistic kids over the decades - two were more middling Aspergers but one was severe autism - to the point of almost no communication. A specialist told me to imagine having all my filters suddenly turned up to max. So instead of being able to focus on a particular voice in a crowd, and focus-in on one person or one group in a large crowd, you just get full sensory overload and can't turn it down. You would tend to ignore or discount the wider picture and focus on something that was still or generating less confusing change in its behaviour. You would tend to focus, to the point of obsession, on minute detail because it is a way to get some constancy and reduce the ever-present noise/signals bombarding you. He (Jack my colleague with expertise in this) reckoned that is as close to imagining it as the neuro-typicals (us) can get.

There is, of course, a long-standing feeling that scientist-types are more along the Aspergers scale than non-science types. Imagine the stereotype scientist and you have someone with mild autism or mid-way down the Aspergers scale. I'm pretty sure that a recent large-scale study showed that this suspicion is possibly true and that there is a strong correlation between scientific interest/ability and Aspergers- I'll have to look it up. Makes perfect sense though - scientists need to focus on detail regularly.
I have listened to sacha's brother (in the link) many times, and the only thing you focus on is that he is Borat's bro! Laughing
SQ and EQ
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