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Question about a hypothetical PC

Da Rossa
Just to know how far I can possibly go with a affordable, yet expensive setup.
Let's say I'd like a PC with at least the following specs: two-CPU motherboard with double Core i7 Haswell, 32GB RAM, a combo of two or three graphics cards in SLI (probably right now the nVidias are a bit more powerful than the ATIs), and, even more importantly, the hard drive setup: two RAID 1+0 arrays, consisting on four 256 SSD disks for the OS (Windows 7 or 8, most likely) and four 3TB Sata III 7200 for a total of 6TB storage for the data, in a total of 8 hard drives. About this you might suggest me a 10k or 15k version of hard drives instead of a 7200RPM, but I'm not quite familiar with the best options available.
No overclock for now, an preferably no need for watercooling.

The idea about the HDs is to protect me from failure allowing immediate replacement of faulty disks and, at the same time, maximizing the speed, since the hard drive is the slowest component in a PC.

So, the questions:
1 - what would be the necessary case and PSU for that?
2 - what CPU models?
3 - what GPUs?
4 - what Mobo is suitable for that, since dual CPU models are quite hard to find?
5 - the hdd models you would recommend.
edit: 6 - the most important question: take a guess about an approximate price of this baby. Very Happy
Da Rossa
First of all, that build would be extremely expensive. I'm talking $10,000+USD

1.a. Case - Use any you like. Cooler Master and Antec make seemingly good cases. Look for one that is steel and has the capability for 3+ fans and enough 3.5" drive bays (unless you want to put some in the 5.25" bays with adapters).
1.b. PSU - Look for any with at least 700 watts, just to be safe. You should probably look for a PSU with a higher wattage, I'm no expert on this.
2. If you want an i7 Haswell CPU, get the latest and greatest.
3. Taking into consideration that you want 3 GPUs in SLI, you probably want to go with the latest GTX. GTX 780 is the latest.
4. Dual CPU motherboards are not hard to find, just look on newegg. Only Intel has dual-CPU motherboards. Look for one with 3 pci-e 2.0 x16 (3.0 is better, but not easily utilized), USB 3.0, and enough SATA ports. Any motherboard like that is likely to have all SATA III. Most motherboards supporting 2 CPUs also support up to 64GB RAM.
5. I would get the cheapest drives, but if you are not concerned about cost (which clearly you aren't) I would purchase the drive with the best ratings.
6. I will compile a wish list on newegg and give you a TBD cost Wink be prepared.

here is the public newegg wishlist. had to use XEONs instead of i7s
Da Rossa
Thanks, Mr. Explosive!
I've written down in my Evernote your specs! Smile

edit: WHOA! $10k! I knew it would be hypothetical!! But still not impossible. Thanks!
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