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Joined the Unemployed Masses

Just recently graduated from graduate school, and as such lost my teaching assistanceship. This is the first time in almost 11 years that I have been unemployed! I have to admit it's kinda nice! I am getting lots of projects done, and stuff around the house.

Hopefully at least by the fall, something will come up. I've been applying to lots of college teaching positions. I forgot how exhausting job searching can be!

As nice as it is being unemployed I really hope it doesn't last too long! While I live cheaply I still have a few expenses, namely an engagement ring!
Congratulations and good luck.
I've, unfortunately, been unemployed for about... 10 months now. I graduated with my graduate degree while working a contract, and haven't found anything since my contract ended in August. It's nice to have some time, but, financial stability sure would be awesome too Wink
Good luck with the job hunt guys, you're right Coolclay, it is an exhausting job in itself securing new employment, and the no-response applications are frustrating as well.

I've been solely self employed for the last few years but registered legally as self employed many years earlier even when employed as well. It meant that when I was 'between employment' I was still self employed in my head and not 'unemployed' as a label.
I also could claim losses from my business against the taxes I paid as an employee, phone/internet/stationary/etc but that is another topic entirely.

Any govt business grants available for start-ups in your areas?
Got a freelance idea related loosely to the employment you seek but with new business funding/discounts available for X or Y specialist training/certification which helps you even if you don't run with the business idea when an employment chance comes up?
I am not well versed with US or Canadian tax/business legislation/assistance, but if there's any chance that you have similar advantages going down that road I would certainly suggest having an investigation Wink
I'm actually in process of gaining some self-employment program benefits. A friend and I (also an ecologist/entomologist who can't find work) are in process of developing a business together using biocontrol agents to eliminate agricultural pests. Unfortunately, I can't really talk about it, as part of the process involves not being active in business, including anything that might be construed as advertising, until actually accepted into the program...

Not sure if the plan will work, and we have to make the business a regional thing, rather than local, as the local agriculture industry is too small to be sustaining... but, with the current climate in science in my country (the federal government doing all it can to eliminate anything with an environmental/ecological focus), jobs just aren't available :/
Ankhanu wrote:
I'm actually in process of gaining some self-employment program benefits...

Exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about, there are classifications of 'worker bees' in the UK economy, employees, self employed sole traders, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and public limited companies. They all have different financial opportunities and there is nothing to stop an individual being involved in any or all of these different statuses at any given time if there are advantages in doing so.
Good luck with the navigation around your own legislative structures Wink
Ankhanu wrote:
I'm actually in process of gaining some self-employment program benefits.

I wish the US had a package like that. As of Tuesday, I now have a full time engineering job again. Enjoyed freelance but not the headaches that came along including NO benefits.
I know that feeling where you're just graduated and you have so much free time on your hands. However, I'm slowly getting into that funk where I'm feeling lazy and I don't have the energy to do any job searching. I need something to get me started and more productive. It sounds like you are doing that, so props to you. Sometimes its hard to get motivated when you're not doing much in the first place and it you like feeling lazy and doing lazy things.
One good way to make the job search easier is to maintain good contacts with your friends and making new friends. Nothing works like a direct reference. At least it can give you the opportunity to introduce yourself. Most of the employer usually are more comfortable in recruiting a person whose background is known by any existing employee of the organization rather than recruiting a completely unknown person.
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