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Divorce, anullment and gay marriage.

Have a question to pose. Have a friend who wants to go to the Philippines and marry his lady friend and live there. They are both Christians so it would be frowned upon for them to live together before they got married.

However, as there is no divorce in the Philippines, it can take several years for an annulment to come through so they can legally marry. As they are both mature age should they have to wait so long. He is divorced and she has been on her own for 30 years. Her ex has been living with his new lady for many years and they have children together.

I contend that in God's eyes she is not now married to this man and should be free to marry again even though by Philippine law she is still legally married.

I relate it to this. When the Philippines brings in gay marriage as legal as the rest of the world is going, there will be much opposition from the church. They would say that gay marriage is legal under Philippine law but not in God's law.

I contend that my friends lady above is free from her relationship in God's eye and should be able to marry again even if the marriage can't be legalized with the government until the annulment comes through.

Any thoughts.
I am from the Philippines, and I confirm that divorce is not existing in the laws of this country.

But if we go with the scriptures, the woman's marriage with the man who is currently with another woman is already broken, and the one who broke it is the man since he became adulterous, the woman has no fault in this, and she can re-marry again if she wishes.

But then it is also in the scriptures that we should also abide in the laws of the land to fulfill all righteousness, and since the woman is a citizen of the Philippines, she can't just marry your friend unless the annulment is established.

I believe that given the situation (30 years separated, man having another family), the government will be more favorable to the woman and grant annulment. I don't know for sure

perhaps maybe the woman can get another citizenship?

As per gay marriage, legally speaking, this is sin. Practically speaking, this will not contribute anything to God's economy.

grace and peace.
I think the main problem is that they don't have or don't want to spend the huge fees to get the annulment done. It is possible to represent oneself in an annulment case reducing the fees considerably but possible lengthening the time frame considerably.
My contention is that they should be able to marry and live together and enjoy their old age together while waiting for the annulment to come through.
Well I am personally against divorce altogether because you're making a commitment for life and then breaking that commitment. However, things happen. I understand that. Just make sure that the second time you make a better decision on whom to marry.

However, with this issue, I would say that they're married and then just live together. I'm not a huge fan of bringing government into my personal life anyways. Yes, I'd do it for marriage because there are usually benefits to getting married (taxes, protection, etc... and the protection part would be hard to do without government). However, in this case, I'd just say that them being married is between them and their god and screw the government.

That's why I never understood people being opposed to gay marriage. Marriage should be between you, your spouse, and your god if you have one. No one else should get in that business and so just mind your own business and focus on keeping your own marriage alive (so many people complaining about gay marriage are working on their second or third heterosexual marriage).
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