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Teleportation, Space-Time & S***

Would someone be interested in filling me in with the basics behind these ideas? Big fan of the Half Life Franchise here. Laughing
We are limited in sending mass through space at under the speed of light, and sending information (i.e. communicating through it) at the speed of light.

A transporter (as in "beam me up Scotty") would also be constrained by the speed of light, but it has more ethical issues than anything else if you ask me. Transporting someone wouldn't involve moving them from one place to another, but scanning the position and speed of each particle in their body to a very accurate degree, and then uploading that information into a computer. We can then send this giant data file over the future internet or wifi to a replicator (as in "Tea. Hot.") where it could follow the blueprints and build a copy of that human.

If you are following along here, the original person who was scanned is still fine. There are now two of them. In fact even more could be replicated and if that person took a transporter a few years back old archived copies of them could be replicated. I'm glossing over the engineering required here but it's not so much a transporter as a scanner and a printer. Also after all of that you are still stuck getting sent at the speed of light which is frankly pretty slow on galactic terms (though the nature of an individual wouldn't really be regonizable at that point).


So the speed of light is a speed limit through space, but what most sciFi writers do to get around this is move space.

A warp drive uses huge amounts of energy to create a warp bubble of moving space that the ship is stationary within. Unfortunately the laws of the universe as we understand them would give nobody inside the bubble the ability to interact with outside of it, and being outside of it is required to turn it off.

Worm holes (tightly folded up space giving a passage from one spot to another) are an alternative option. Yet they are only predicted around a certain type of not yet observed black hole and only in a very unique mathematical way of looking at it.


Realistically the best bet for exploring any but the closest stars to us is some sort of Battlestar Galactica pilgrim scenario (possibly with cryogenic sleeping) but likely no ability to "jump" like they do.

Then again that is only according to our current understanding of the universe and, while there is no real reason to doubt we are that far off now, we could be.
Teleportation is theoretically possible and has been achieved for single particles.

source -
Bikerman wrote:
Teleportation is theoretically possible and has been achieved for single particles.

True. However this is like saying scientists Adam and Ben can both scan Calib as he is at one time, and then Ben can travel anywhere (limited by the speed limit of light) and recreate the initial Calib. This is useful in cryptology if both Adam and Ben don't know the original hair colour of Calib, as indeed Calib could have any coloured hair.

From the point of view of scanned Calib though, he knew what colour hair he had in the first place and is therefore constrained to traveling along with Ben in a USB key or something and limited by the speed of light. edit: to Calib he was scanned and another version of the scan appeared somewhere else (but only less than the time it took light to reach that somewhere else).
Quite correct.
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