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Eating apple seeds

Do you eat whole apples?
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I sometimes eat whole apples but now I found that the seeds are poisonous! Shocked
Wikipedia wrote:
The seeds of apples contain small amounts of amygdalin, a sugar and cyanide compound known as a cyanogenic glycoside. Ingesting small amounts of apple seeds will cause no ill effects, but in extremely large doses can cause adverse reactions. There is only one known case of fatal cyanide poisoning from apple seeds; in this case the individual chewed and swallowed one cup of seeds. It may take several hours before the poison takes effect, as cyanogenic glycosides must be hydrolyzed before the cyanide ion is released.

I'm not really worried but I'm not sure if I should continue eating the seeds or not. We eat poison in small amounts every day so not sure if this is enough to care about. What about other fruits like pears and watermelons?
I've never eaten apple seeds because when I was little my mom told me that an apple tree would grow in my belly if I did that. Rolling Eyes But I love to eat grape seeds, to me it's the most fun part about eating grapes! I especially enjoy those small grapes with very crunchy seeds. There's something really enjoyable in masticating them.
In spite of the famous (but is it really ?) advice : "one apple a day keeps the doctor away !" , it seems that apple (and fruits in general) are not that popular today, for several reasons :
- sugar (although fructose and glucose found in fruits are unrefined) is coined as a culprit , a risk factor for cancer, diabetes, ...
- fruits are sprayed (unless they're organically grown)
- fruits combine poorly with starch (which is commonplace in most diets)
- 100% fruitarians have bad teeth, and do not live that long (cf Dr Johnny Lovewisdom)

But .... low fat raw vegans (including leafy greens, as mineral& protein source) seem to thrive pretty well, although we don't have a deep background yet.

You may check , for instance, at Dr Doug Graham site :
That's truly a nice person (even if i never met him personally), and a good adviser, who walks his talk, and still fit at almost 60 (see him pulling up in short videos available there).

I stumble one day into raw veganism, and never came back !
With such a diet (&lifestyle : sunshine, exercise, rest,...), you keep the doctor away ... forever !
Very Happy

Please check out there, on youtube : live testimonies, before/after pictures, truly amazing

You may ask : but why isn't such a marvelous diet more popular ?
Possible answer : no (financial) profit to take by promoting such a diet (raw vegan) : this even potentially threatens "professionnals" /business : big pharma healthcare system, restaurants / chefs / cuisine / ....
I don't like the taste of grape seeds when chewed but I sometimes eat them anyway out of laziness. I eat mostly seedless grapes nowadays.

I understand that it can be beneficial for plants to have poisonous/distasteful seeds because it prevents whoever eats the fruit from ruin the seeds, but I assume not all plants have this strategy because there are many seeds that we do eat.
I don't eat the apple seeds, but I know a few people who do and none of them have ever gotten sick doing it. Reading that they are poisonous makes me less inclined to eat them ...
i like to eat apple not apple seed.I never ever try apple seed.Any one let me know how to use it.
mshafiq wrote:
i like to eat apple not apple seed.I never ever try apple seed.Any one let me know how to use it.

I don't think you should do anything special with apple seeds. There are lots of other nuts and seeds that are better suited to be used in cookery. Eating apple seeds only makes sense if you want to eat the whole apple without leaving anything.
Apple seeds average around 0.6mg hydrogen cyanide (HCN) per gram of dry seed. Since the lethal dose of HCN is estimated to be around 50mg, you will need around 85 grams of dry seeds. This is around half a cup... it requires a lot of apples.

The above is from

So, unless you're eating a thousand or so apples at a time, you're probably safe woofing down the apple seeds. It also states that cyanide in low doses can cause brain damage. However, I seriously doubt that the number of seeds in a couple of apples would cause much of an issue.
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