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New Black Sabbath album

Any heavy metal fans here?

Did you got the chance to hear the new Sabbath's album, 13? I own Paranoid, Sabotage, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Master of Reality and I think it sounds a lot like old Sabbath. Which I think is awesome, btw. Very Happy

This is the first single and it's called "God is Dead?".

I'm a huge Ozzy fan and he sounds perfect in the new album! Iommi's guitar is creepy and the riffs are spot on. I'm not that into guitar, but Iommi is the guy that makes me want to learn how to play it.
It is a pretty solid album. It definitely wasn't disappointing and was pretty good given how long it had been since that lineup of Sabbath had worked together to create an album. I definitely prefer Ronnie James Dio as the singer of The Great Sabbath but that is long gone given that Dio is no longer with us. Iommi's guitar is what truly makes the Sabbath sound. I'm under the opinion that Sabbath wrote almost every heavy metal riff ever made prior to the 1980s. Any other band around in that time that played heavy music as just copying Tony Iommi.

I also don't care much for Ozzy's solo career. He made two good albums when he had Rhodes and then after that it just went downhill. And even his two good albums were just that: good but not great. His voice worked with Sabbath but Sabbath was only good because of the band as a whole. There isn't one member that didn't contribute to the awesome sound of Sabbath (despite their many lineup changes). The guitar tone is unique and the overall sound contributed by the other instruments and vocals is also unique.

So I was happy to hear some new Sabbath. I never thought that I'd get to hear a new Sabbath album again. Now all we need is for Dio to come back to life and make a new album with him on vocals!
This new album blew my mind, seriously. Absolutely classic Sabbath. And the That sound of fire. Wonder if that means the end or restart. I could sit and listen to another album straight away.
I'm not a fan of sabbath, so i only listened to 2 tracks of this album which my friend gave me and i just think this one is a lot better than previous album, good to see some old bands are just getting back to the way they should. Black Sabbath is just a big name in Metal and every metal fan should be happy to know they are just doing better.

But currently i can only listen to Trivium Very Happy
I like how your video link is now "private".
Anyway, finally got my copy of '13'. Happy with classic Sabbath sound returning.
This link should work

Dark and inspiring video.
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