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DirectAdmin Problem

Olivia Wood
Umm... I can't log into DirectAdmin - like, at all. Now granted, according to the timestamp on my website, my hosting request only got accepted two hours ago, so I suppose there could be some sort of time lapse before I can acess it or something....?

Anyway, it keeps on telling my to veryfy my username and password - that's the same one as for the forums, right? - and I did, and there's no possible way that I could have gotten it wrong - I went so far as to copy and paste both directly from the "Welcome to Frihost" email I got yesterday, but it still refuses to let me log on!

So, yeah, I was wondering if there was some obvious mistake I was making? Or maybe if this was all normal and I just have to wait a few more hours for it to work or something?

In any case, I'm very unhappy. I need reassurance, please! Crying or Very sad
Anyway, it keeps on telling my to veryfy my username and password - that's the same one as for the forums, right? -

NO..and infact here lies the problem.Your forum password is not same as your Direct Admin Password.You must have got another email or pm from an Admin when your hosting was accepted with Direct Admin Control Panel username and password. So check your Inbox/Spam folder/Forum Pms.If still no sucess,then just pm Bondings or the admin who set your account and new pw will be issued to you.

I see no reason to be unhappy man, Actually I aint seen many people say that before.The people who run this site are very committed as well as hard working. I'm sure you will realise this very soon. and also note that your subdomain might take some time before working, this is because of DNS Propogation.
Olivia Wood
Ah! Thank you! Found it now. Very Happy

I knew I was doing something stupid. Embarassed
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