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Just saw a restaurant owner swearing at customers.You it b4?

And asking for money and threatening to call the police. Even though the food never arrived?
Also (Same restaurant) the servers have to give tips to the owners and cannot keep it themselves.

Have you ever seen that in any other place besides the one on the Tv everyone is talking about?
It sounds like you live in, or occasionally visit, a pretty rough neighborhood. Without knowing the all the details, I can still confidently say that restaurant owner's social skills are less than they should be. As for the tips, I have heard of tip sharing, where the tips are pooled and all of the help gets a share. Giving all the tips to the owner is way over the top; I imagine most people who discover that either do not tip anymore or go elsewhere.
I have seen restaurant owners mad before, but I have never seen them take it out on the customers. It's important for restaurant owners to remember that it is the customers that keep them in business and if they start getting a bad reputation and people no longer go to the establishment, the owners are going to start losing money big time.

I definitely agree with SonLight, giving all of the tips to the owner is crossing the line. Tips are a token customers give to their servers/hosts, not the boss.
Try to find out the reason why the restaurant owner is doing so. Maybe he did this because he was tired after a long day. You can always use your right not to eat there was well or you can try to file a complaint to the appropriate authority for verbal abuse.
I once seen it and have been apart of this type of situation. I ended up both times giving the restaurant owner a right hand. I've been arrested 2 times ever in my life both on assault. People are scandals these days you can't ever predict what someone might do. The world is violent now a days... back in my day if you had a problem with someone you'd box it out in a alley with a elder of the neighborhood refereeing and that was how it was settled, it was not exactly right but nobody got killed or seriously hurt. Customer Service is not what it used to be.
Why go to that restaurant though? I'd stay away from it.

I've seen stupid behaviour at restaurants, but usually ending up in apologies. Can't imagine that a restaurant could survive for long with this kind of attitude. Not with me for sure, as I have a very low tolerance for this kind of thing. I like to enjoy my food, and get value for my money, and a big part of that for me, including the quality of the food of course, is the ambiance. Things have to be organized (or at least happily slightly disorganized if need be) and the servers happy for there to be that kind of ambiance.
I know a lot of places take the tips and pool them, and I know Gordon Ramsay has a potty mouth on Hell's Kitchen Very Happy but besides that, no I've never seen such awful service.
The restaurant I'm talking about actually has very high standards for hygiene but apart from that the attitude of the owners suck.
People will still go just so they can bebop the soap opera!
My mate had a very busy restaurant and one night when they were very full and very busy a table vacated and another couple sat down and the guy called for service. My mate politely told him they were flat out and would take his order as soon as they got caught up. It wasn't many minutes and this guy called for service again and was once again told politely that he would be served very soon when they got the current rush caught up. Next time he was shouting and demanding service even though he could see that all staff were running to keep up with the rush of customers. The other customers were all listening now as the guy was getting loud demanding service. My mate 'politely' told him f@@@ off and leave his restaurant much to the cheers and amusement of the other patrons.
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