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PREMIERE LEAGUE 2013/14 - Will this be Tottenham's year?

When you look at the last years of the PL you'll have to set 3 teams aside instantly: Man United, Man City and Chelsea. They will be on top figthing for the title for sure.

Now, here's something interesting: the three will be starting over with new managers: Moyes, Pellegrini and Mourinho. I believe they're all good choices and will certainly prove it with results, but we all know how harsh changes can be sometimes. Specially for United!

On the other hand you'll have Tottenham now looking a little more consistent than before. Abramovich's approach on Villas Boas (firing him), is now looking not as clever as before.

With all this changes on the 3 top teams, can this be Tottenham's year?

And what about Villas Boas/Tottenham vs Mourinho/Chelsea confrontations? How spicy do you think those would be?

One thing I'm sure, it's going to be the most interesting Premiere League of the last years. I just can't wait!
Yeah, this season's Premier League is going to be very interesting.

With the exit of Sir Alex, it is going to take a new dimension. The contest will open up further. As you said, Tottenham have a great chance to make a lasting impact.
No it will never be Tottenham's year. Bye Bye Bale
With Bale departing for Spain (as per news), it may not be as sweet as Villas Boas might have thought. Still, the pendulum may swing in any direction. And I hope it swings Chelsea's way. Very Happy
Barcelona are making a bid for Juan Mata! 30 million Pounds! It would be really sad for Chelsea FC if Jaun Mata leaves the club to join Barcelona. He has been the most consistent and creative midfielder in the last two seasons, and has had the most goals and assists last season. He is a very crucial element to the way things work at Chelsea. I hope the deal doesn't get through and he stays at the Bridge. And, if he does go out, Abramovich must be willing to spend some money to bring in another quality midfielder to the club, who can create as many chances as Mata did, last season. I hope the very best for the Blues. Sad
With the premier league about to start in two week's time, I'm waiting eagerly for the Chelsea against Manchester United game on 24th August. I hope the game would be a thriller. I also hope that a big transfer move takes place before the close of the transfer season. Smile
If only! I would be very happy in this case.
Yep. That would be great.
Premier League starting this Saturday! It's going to be a great season this time. Maybe a very even and balanced competition. The crown can go to any club this season - new managers and strategic changes may result in surprises. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham - all will be looking for the title this time. Let's see who survives the race. Very Happy
Manchester United start with a blast! Van Persie and Welbeck scored twice as they won 4-1. Chelsea also showed some class against Hull City as they won 2-0 with a delicious free kick from Frank Lampard and a beautiful opener from Oscar. Gunners got off to a very poor start, having lost 1-3 to Villa at home. Liverpool eased to a 1-0 win against Stoke. Next week's combats will be a delight to watch.
The Chelsea Manchester United draw was a clear cut indication to Mourinho that he needs to work hard and build a solid team. Not to play Mata was a strange decision. Not to start with a striker was also quite weird, but he might have had some plans in his mind for doing so. I hope he comes out better next time.
The highly competitive Super Cup final went to Bayern Munich, who beat Chelsea 5-4 on penalties after an entertaining 2-2 draw in normal time and extra time. I feel this is a good beginning for Jose Mourinho. I believe he can make the team sound and can lay the foundations of an era of Chelsea's dominance on England, and maybe even Europe. I hope that happens.

Bayern, on the other hand, have to maintain their excellent records from last season, although it's a tough ask. Pep Guardiola can mould the team and can give them an extra edge by way of his style.
Arsenal have bought Mesut Ozil for a sum close to 50 million dollars. This comes from Arsene Wenger, who has been long criticized for not spending in the transfer market as much as his competitots. I think this is a very positive move, as it can fuel the Arsenal squad to give some dramatic performances and try their hand at the Premier League this season. Ozil is a very creative midfielder, and his inclusion with the Gunners may mean that their forwards will have more space and opportunities to open up the opponents' defence.

On the other hand, Tottenham finally sold out Gareth Bale, and this could be good for Madrid. But, according to me, the exorbitant price tag associated with the guy is not that practical. Can he deliver the goods at Madrid? Let's see.
Real Madrid have also sold out Gonzalo Higuain, and if that is taken along with Ozil, I think their attack will have to reorganize themselves a lot now, to accommodate the vacancies and the new recruits.

Kaka has also been sold to AC Milan. I think it is good for Kaka, as a player, as he was not making much progress in Spain. For a former World Player of the Year to be unable to make it to the starting eleven of Real Madrid is a pity, and I think he may find his lost form back, when he rejoins Milan.
Another great day of football, as goals galore in Europe. Real Madrid beat Galatasaray in Istanbul 6-1, thanks to a superb hattrick from Cristiano Ronaldo. It was the highlight, but many more matches went that way. Manchester United shot to a 4-2 victory at the Old Trafford, while Bayern Munich managed a 3-0 victory, Robben again finding the net. All in all, it was a glorious day. I hope to see a lot more! Very Happy
Another great day of football, as goals galore in Europe. Real Madrid beat Galatasaray in Istanbul 6-1, thanks to a superb hattrick from Cristiano Ronaldo. It was the highlight, but many more matches went that way. Manchester United shot to a 4-2 victory at the Old Trafford, while Bayern Munich managed a 3-0 victory, Robben again finding the net. All in all, it was a glorious day. I hope to see a lot more!

Cristiano Ronaldo the best player, messi is a good player but ronaldo is amazing Wink
Arsenal still atop the ranks table with 12 points from 5 games. Spurs are going great, latest feat being their 4-0 triumph. Manchester United were crushed by Manchester City, as the noisy neighbours grabbed a 4-1 victory at the Etihad Stadium. Chelsea have managed the fourth spot, and Torres got his first chance to play for full 90 minutes. The whole thing is quite absorbing. Hope to see a lot more action now. Manchester United against Liverpool right now. Let's see what happens.
Crusading Liverpool crushed Crystal Palace very well in the first half at Anfield, thanks to Suarez and Sturridge, who is in an exceptional form. It was a really entertaining game, according to me, especially after Palace had scored a goal. Looking forward to the Chelsea-Norvich clash today! Smile
Milan were beaten by Juventus in a cracking showdown. Pirlo did a great job with his set pieces. Manchester United could finally find 3 points from a game, and that has lifted them from 12th to the 9th spot in the Premier League rankings. Arsenal finally got a rival worthy of their steel, as Liverpool leveled with them on points at the top of the table. Southampton continue their exceptional showing, as they remain on the fourth spot, ahead of Manchester City, Manchester United and Spurs, among others. Everton's undefeated streak was finally broken.
Chelsea also marched to the third spot in the standings after late goals from Eden Hazard and Willian sealed 3 points for the blues, away at Norwich. Oscar's early opener had given them the lead, but a determind Norvich side was able to equalize later. I hope they go forward like this !
Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1 at the Stamford Bridge to claim second spot in the Premier League standings. It was a very interesting game, and Fernando Torres's showing was just fantastic. He missed an easy chance early, but the way he came back after that was just terrific. He ran the whole while and then landed an assist for Schurrle to score. Then he had a brilliant angular shot drifting towards the goal, which just got deflected by the woodwork. Later on, he even scored and put Chelsea in the driving seat, All in all, it was a splendid performance.

The two Manchester clubs now stand 7th and 8th, clearly struggling with their new managers, as Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool stand clear at the top three places, followed by Southampton and Everton. This is getting really very interesting. Smile
Chelsea's match against City didn't see them dominate and this could easily end in a draw. Their cup match against Arsenal is a different story. Wenger's team are not fully confident yet after a loss to Dortmund, but they still were in good shape and were outclassed by Chelsea.

Manchester City aren't having a bad season, they make stupid errors in away losses and Hart is their weakest link which fails too often. If they get a goalkeeper fix in the winter transfer market, they will quickly climb back up. Aguero is having a phenomenal season so far.

As for the OP, Tottenham looked ridiculously poor against Hull (twice) and both Lamela and Soldado, who were supposed to be demolishing everything on their path, are flops so far. The team also has huge problems scoring from open play. On the other hand, Townsend is waking up to his great potential and Paulinho is usually playing top quality football. Even Sandro performed well lately.

So who knows what Tottenham is capable of. They have great potential, but so far play boring uneventful football and they can't compete for top spots with this kind of quality. Fingers crossed though, my favorite Premier League team Smile
Hey, you did a good analysis of the Tottenham side there. Smile
Champions League games today. Let's see what happens.
With this week's results, the race for the title certainly gets a new dimension. Manchester United are now showcasing that they are getting back to their old ways, and what better way than to beat Arsenal, the leaders! United are now within five points of the top.

Spurs were beaten by Newcastle, which sends them out of top five, and Sunderland stunned the other half of Manchester with a sensational home victory, that sends City to eighth place.

Liverpool had a convincing victory, and Chelsea suffered a draw, and now the table stands very elegantly poised for interesting weeks to follow. It will be quite a delight to see if Pelegrini's men launch a comeback, or if Arsenal still manage to keep the top spot, or whether David Moyes promises to continue Ferguson's legacy. Let's see what happens.
Premier League stars fired their sides into the World Cup this weekend!

Moses sent Nigeria through, while ex Chelsea striker Didier Drogba helped Cote D Ivoire make it through to Brazil too.
This week's result are once again surprising at some ends. Manchester City thumped Tottenham Hotspurs 6-0 at the Etihad stadium in a completely one sided game. No one is able to say exactly why Manchester City is failing away from home this season, despite being a goal machine at home, with a goal scoring average of over five in the last 3-4 games. Still, the fact is, that City have risen from the seventh spot, and are back in the top five.

With a draw, Manchester United are now out of the top five, with 21 points, 1 behind their city neighbours and seven behind leaders Arsenal.
Further, Chelsea moved to third with a convincing win against West Ham. Mourinho claimed that this Chelsea team is nowhere close to the one he had built up in the last decade.

Arsenal continued their consistent run with another win, and are now four points clear of second placed Liverpool, who could only bag one point this week. Southampton slipped to fifth, six points behind the leaders, and face a threat of being out of the top five soon, if they don't get the points as quickly as their illustrious competitors. Let's see what happens tonight in the Champions League.
The recent Champions League results are quite bewildering. History has been created, as, for the first time, a team has gone out from the group stage of the champions league even after amassing 12 points from 6 games. And that unlucky team is none other than the Italian giants, Napoli. And that too, after beating Arsenal 2-0 in the final group game. It went as follows:

Before the last round of group fixtures, Arsenal sat on top of this group of death with 12 points in five games with four victories. Napoli and Dortmund followed suit with 9 points each, while Marseille had zero. The final two games were - Arsenal against Napoli and Dortmund against Marseille. If Dortmund failed to win against marseille, a win would have sent Napoli through, along with Arsenal. But if Dortmund beat Marseille, Napoli had to beat Arsenal by at least three goals. And, that, was exactly what didn't happen.
Dortmund against marseille was going steadily at 1-1, while Napoli got a lead against Arsenal 2-0. As things stood, Dortmund would have gone out. But it was then, at the final moments, when Dortmund salvaged their place with a thrilling 87th minute goal that sent them to four victories off six games, bagging 12 points, and Napoli failed to score the third goal against Arsenal. Thus, the three teams - Arsenal, Napoli and Dortmund had 12 points each, and by head to head and goal difference measures, Napoli was eliminated. Thus, history took place the day before yesterday in Europe. Smile
In the meanwhile, Chelsea, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid qualified with victories in their respective groups. Neymar struck a hatrick as Barcelona cruised to a comprehensive 6-1 victory.
Manchester City did the unthinkable at the Etihad stadium today, as they slotted six goals against the Arsenal defense and completely outplayed them in a 6-3 victory. The goals came from Aguero, Fernandinho (2), Silva, Negredo, Yaya Toure (penalty). Arsenal could barely respond to the flawless dominating game shown by City, which has been their trademark at home this season, so far. They have netted far more goals than any other side in the Premier League, including six against Tottenham, 7 against Norwich, and 4 against manchester United. The race for the title takes a different angle now, as Arsenal are only two points ahead of Chelsea, and three ahead of Manchester City. Let's see what unfolds, as Chelsea take on Arsenal next week.
this is also another nice and exciting series.

For sure this big events will have amazing histories and memorable games ahead.

New players and improved players will be motivated and rise
The top of the Premier League is getting exciting by the day. Arsenal stand atop with 45 points, while Manchester City and Chelsea follow very closely, at 44 and 43 points respectively. This is going to be very interesting now.

Manchester United has exited from the race for the title, as they faced defeat at the hands of Tottenham. They have been disappointed in FA Cup too now, as they lost to Swansea yesterday. I just hope things get better for Moyes and United.

In the end, happy that Chelsea is going from one win to the next. Smile
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