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Faith, is it passive or active act ??

Faith is knowing a truth that exists already in the universe , is it right ???
Ok, Is our hearts and minds prepared to know this truth .if yes , it will be a passive act
it will be a primitiveness linked act that match our hearts and settle in it , without any doubt after that ?
one act to have this faith , then this beleif passively settle in person in a nice harmony produce best of the person acts
I have this faith in my religion do u have it ?
I wish to have answers and start a useful , interesting discussion
welcome all .... Very Happy
I agree that faith is a passive occurance, at least initially. Faith comes to you; you cannot make a conscious decision to seek it, although you can examine the evidence and faith may be at least partially triggered because of your investigation.

Faith does not remain passive, however. Although it's hard to define, to me faith represents a belief much stronger than an "I guess it's true". Faith, especially religious faith, not only encourages but almost demands an active response.

Of course, faith like any form of belief, can be misplaced. While I am confident that the main outlines of my own faith are true, I have to recognize that I might have been misled in some of the details.
I agree with u mr.son that faith doesnt remain passive ---1
also, it shouldnt make any one negative person
2--But, I dont agree that its occurance is passive , and seeking for true fact that i can believe in is all conscious
3-- the fact w' make my faith linked to my primitiveness and settle in my heart is the fact of God has no sons , He is one
and his prophet arent at all his sons , he hasnt sons , he has creation examined in their life and have the reward or punish according to their voluntary doing in dooms day
Faith can be passive and active. I have faith in my wife so when she is out I can trust her so that faith is a constant passive. Religious faith is different. I have faith in my God because he has actively shown himself to me so that faith is both passive and active. He gave me the original faith to believe in him and I actively add to that faith every day as I learn about him and communicate with him.
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