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Lineage II

anyone into lineage here??
what servers do u play apart from official?
Looking forward to the C4 english client!!!
i WAS into it Smile played lots of *** servers too
i didnt play alot on the official server but my bro did and he was like level 61 Cool
The game was lagging alot to when i was playing *geforce 2 Razz*
and its SOOOOO annoying to run because u have to run alot but u can use gatekeepers and waste some money :O
thing i didnt like with it was that there were no good quests... all the quests sucks
i never do quests only for class change you know...
i currently play a server from my country...less lag!
Can I get some more info on what Lineage is??
Lineage 2 is a MMORPG and i think u know what that is Smile
the game is actually P2P but there are lots of ******* servers *whistle*
u should try it Smile but its kinda big... takes lots of time to dl Razz
e.x of what u do in Lineage:

U select a character (els,human,dark elf,orc and dwarf)
there are many classes each character can evolve into from mystics and wizards to powerfull archers and melee fighters!
Each class has its unique skills and advantages. the world of lineage is huge with a variety of bosses and quests to do. u can also be a member of a clan and fight for castles!!!!....try it and u will see!
i played on L2EXTREME servers, but they were crap because they lagged so bad. teh max was like 1500 ppl on eac server they had like 1700 to 2000 ppl. so then i went to another one called tainted really cool, no lag and its nice gms. also l2extreme was no full c3 but with c4 things. whiel tainted is full c3 and with c4, so much better. Very Happy
i currently run a C4 test server, using only c4 client with new armors, here weapons + hero glows and lots of stuff!
woah are there servers with c4 items already ?? whats the name?
there are, but with some flaws. maps are in korean and skills have no names... and others, but textures and animations are wonderful.
here is a pic of my c4 server:
mmmm hot armor Very Happy have seen it a couple of times Very Happy i love the new bow that is out too that red big one.
well doesnt really matter if the skills and map is in korean cause i like... memorized every place ? Razz
burzum wrote:
anyone into lineage here??
what servers do u play apart from official?
Looking forward to the C4 english client!!!

I don't have play lineage because Game requment is very high.
its not really that high i think its like GF 2, 1ghz,256 ram nothing more or else it will lagg toooo hard
and even with a 56k internet speed u can still play!
alot of people is talking about lineage II its free online game? if it is, where can i download from?
thanks a lot,

im looking forward your answer
its a P2P game as i said before that means u have to pay but there are
******* servers where u can play for free -.-
download frpm here
server's here:
private l2j servers are legal[/url]
actually u cant say that its legal.... because i dont think NCSoft actually wants people to go and steal their work .. and h4x them and stuff
yeah but its legal only l2j,thats what i read could be lies!
but i don't want to pay so........
I will soon open a free private C4 server:
Server rates: exp150x, sp200x, adena150x, drop 50x, quest 300x

Among others it will have C4 weapons and armors/glows/7 signs/ enents/sieges whatever.....

Also custom gmshops in every town and hidden full gmshop so the server wont be boring!

If anyone is interested i will post here when the server will be up

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
My roommate plays it a lot with his friends... they're pretty addicted. I try to stay away from MMO's.
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