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What is your favorite cocktail?

What is your favorite cocktail?

For me, it has always been and will always be a Bloody Mary.
Vodka and tomato juice .. the combination is irresistible.
my all time favorite mixed Tanduay and cola. yeah!
once we spent some weeks in la habana, and ever since my favorite cocktail is mojito! well, i do not despise a lot of others, but i prefer the ones without too much knickknack, like mojito or caipirinha...
What does a cocktail have to do with hobbies and animals?
that's quite easy: there are cocktail-freaks collecting cocktail-recipes like others use to collect
tropical fish,
guitars, cars (if one can afford that), postage-stamps, cacti, or whatever...

the point is that those cocktail-lovers can be divided into two main groups: the first group, of course, consists of passionate drinkers, while the members of the second group have the ambition to mix those drinks themselves; furthermore the aim is (like for example for the "chefs du cuisine") tho prepare the cocktails in a way as delicious as possible. now this is a science in itself, sort of a sub-category of gourmetism... moreover, as you can watch at some bars with acrobatic barkeepers, there is not only needed quite an amount of gear and (diverse) liquor and fruit etc. stocks on hand, know how and mixing skills, but also (for those who still find life boring by then) perfomance and entertainer tricks.

so for the second group cocktails count certainly as sort of a hobby, that is obvious, isn't it?
the first group might also invest a lot of time and energy, but that might tend, at best, to the legend of the holy drinker.
Simple - Beer!!!!!!
Hmm... I can't remember what it's called. It has red wine and some raspberry in there and I I believe the bartender added an orange slice. Grr... What was it called... Ah well it was good and if it has the right balance its amazing!
I do not drink so there is no cocktail flavor that I can say is mine favorite.
"I like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain"

Yup, Pina Coladas are my favourite cocktail. They're YUMMY!
I like a nice strong gin and tonic... I'm a simple man, but this drink is so refreshing. I also love mojitos when they are made correctly, and not just poured mixers together with some mint leaves.
The slippery nipple
limpands wrote:
What does a cocktail have to do with hobbies and animals?

I like the sentiment behind this question, but yes, drinking counts as a hobby for some.
Not just drinking, but some enjoy making their own cocktails... it's a bit like cooking. You can try new things or learn how to make drinks for others. It's fun and I think it should count as a hobby.
Cool kokteil it "Bloody Juanita": Tabasco Sauce + Tequila + Black, Red Pepper
my favorite alcoholic drink is a white russian. for those who don't know what a white russian is, it's two parts vodka, one part coffee liquor, and one part creamer. it's rather yummy and can get someone buzzed or drunk. Smile it's a pretty fun, chill time. by the way the ingredients for it can vary, depending on who\where it's made and personal preference. so don't hold me to the absolutely of how it's made. Smile
I like non alcoholic cocktail.
In my country usually cocktail is a non alcoholic fruit drink.
Just put some fruit with some syrup or sugar in a glass of cold water, it would be just great for me.
Different country have different culture for the drink.
Radar wrote:
limpands wrote:
What does a cocktail have to do with hobbies and animals?

I like the sentiment behind this question, but yes, drinking counts as a hobby for some.

For me drinking beer is a hobby. I enjoy sampling all varieties from different breweries. Right now doing a Halloween sampling - Werewolf, Hobgoblin and of course pumpkin beers even a Dead Guy!
Beer is good too. I'm a big fan of amber ales, pilsners, and brown ales.
relly enjoyng mojitos!!
I love to drink cranberry in early morning when i wake up.i feel it is good for me
i love cranberry. It is very good for health.
I prefer non alcoholic drinks.
You wont believe but my favorite drink is crane berry juice. I guess i am impressed from some article which says that crane berry juice reduces the chances of infections and diseases of urinary path. It tells that its juice creates problems for germs and they wont remain able to stick with walls around them and get passed out of bladder with urine. The reason I impressed is that it was not by common people but from allopathic people ie it is medical research.
My wife used crane berry juice too.
I agree with Standready. I love beer. I love sampling beer too. Different seasonal brews. IPAs, Lagers, Homemade beer. Beer with citrus in it beer with fruit in it.

Just ask turtleshell who brewed her own beer. That in itself is its own hobby.
My favorite cocktail is cranberry.I used to drink in the morning.
Long Island Ice Tea
i like ice tea and cranberry cocktail.
Beer, local micro brewery beers, Colorado has the highest number of micro breweries per capita than any other state, and may of the breweries are award winning breweries.

The darker the beer the better, some of the best stouts and brown ales in the World. Typically I drink 3 or 4 beers a visit, gotta be careful because many of them have a high alcohol content and they are tasty and smooth so it is no problem to suck down 2 or 3 of them in a sitting and next thing you know....your buzzed.

Good stuff, love it and the town where I live has a beer festival or some other festival where beer is served almost every weekend throughout the summer, plus beer is served at the free concerts they put on every Thursday night!! Good concerts and the food and beer purchases go to charity!!

Nothing like supporting your local charities by drinking beer!!!!! Cool
My favorite is Mountain Dew cold drink because I don't like cocktail.
Hi. I think cranberry with orange juice is the best combination that you can expect. One of the reason behind this is that cranberry juice is medically proven in prevention of bacterial diseases in urinal track. Because it is found that because of cranberry elements bacteria remains unable to stick the walls of the vessels/tissues. Again as I mentioned, I didn't make it up you can search yourself in google and you will find that it is medically proven. I came to know many women use cranberry juice as a part of their regular lifestyle drink. I f you ask me, come on this is your medical preference what is your actual likeness of cocktail, then I would say pineapple.
My favorite is fruit bear cocktail.
Oh yay, on my last vacation i was @ Spain, and every evening:

- 3 Pina Colada [my fav one lmao Very Happy]
- 2 Sex on the Beach
- 1 Blue Ocean

such a amazing time <3
I like cranberry cocktail
I like the Manhattan.
Vodka Sprite, Im also starting to drink Gin&Tonic
My favorite is Malibu Orange!
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