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My passion...Fishing

I love to fish but in saltwater. I go to glveston but missed lot of fishing as i could nt go recntly, My hands and hheart craving to go there Embarassed

For fishing in Galveston best bit is small fish. I tried shrims but it did not work

If anyone through this forum wants to join me in fishing in Hoston TX then most welcome Rolling Eyes

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My hobby is also fishing.
This morning, I pushed the boat for the first time this year in the water.
I look forward to the evening, so I can fish for pike.
no saltwater here so far... here fishing means mostly "to sit along a river or a lake, having the fishing rod hangin in there, and waiting for the fish to bite..." still it can be interesting. My grandfather was a passionate fisher, and when i was a little boy he often took me out to the banks of a river, and we used to spend whole days there just waiting... very contemplative action, and i liked it! fortunately we didn't depend on what we brought home, it wasn't too much fish, but time after time he caught a nice big trout, and my grandmother used to cook them...
I used to fish pretty much every day, until I was about 18. I mostly fished for brook trout (Salvilinus frontalis), but occasionally white perch (Morone americana), but also hit marine water for cod (Gadus morhua) or mackerel (Scromber scrombus). Mostly, I used spinning gear, but also fly fished, and even did my own fly tying as a teen.

I get out a couple times a year, usually just doing salt water these days, but last year I got out a couple times fly fishing for trout. That was the first time in years that I tried for trout.
I enjoy fishing as well. Usually go out for bass, perch, and pike in freshwater bodies, but occasionally catfish as well. I very rarely go saltwater fishing because there are no nearby saltwater bodies where I live... I'm pretty much surrounded by freshwater lakes and rivers.

Unfortunately, I haven't found time for fishing this year so far, but I'm definitely planning to hit the water sometime this month. Very Happy
I like fishing on lakes.
I've always participated in most sports, but fishing is one thing I never tried - where I live in the north of England, "Angling" is massive - though I never see the fun in can't be the slow speed of it or time spent there, as I'd happily sit through 5 days of slow Test Match cricket, but waiting by a stick with a bit of string, to see if one of God's creatures bites, is not my idea of a good time Very Happy
I have never really seen fishing as a sport. Well it's always prestige in who's getting the biggest fish or the most fishes but there is so much more. My favourite way of fishing is by using a hook, line, float, pole and worms (that we have found) as bait. It is a nice way of fishing and you don't have to do very much and instead you can small talk with other people in the boat. Sometimes we use a rod with a reel and throw in a non-living bait (You see my English fishing vocabulary is extraordinary Very Happy). We mostly get perch and sometimes pike.

Afterwards is not always so fun when we have to clean the fish (remove the head, skin, organs etc.) but that's the prize we have to pay if we want to eat the fish. I always want to catch fish to be eaten. I only release cached fishes when they are too small or the wrong kind.
I like to fish on lakes and well.
In my childhood days i fished many time with my friends.
I never ever try fishing i bought this time device for fishing but i did not go yet.
Fishing is not for me
I love fishing. I used to do it all the time with my dad. It's nice and quiet and relaxing. It's cool when you get a nice fish to bring home to eat, although you can just throw it back into the water to make it for sport.
I don't like to hurt animal with my fishing rod's bait. I like to buy ready to eat fish on the restaurant rather than catching the fish first.
Its really interesting. I tried once and caught a little fish Smile
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