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Distorted Text

I'm not sure this is the proper forum, but here goes.

When I visit many websites, including Fiihost - some of the text here and there appears distorted. Some text pixels are missing or are colored differently. Highlighting the distortions usually corrects it, but the same distortion often reappears. It appears randomly - say part of a word or an entire word in part of a paragraph.

This actually is happening now as I write this post. I think this problem is related to W7 which I am using.

It isn't a critical problem but it's very annoying .... something I have never seen.

Any ideas?
Since when is it happening? Did you change your system recently? Provide a bit more information, it'll help us help you.
By W7 you mean Windows 7? Can you take a screenshot?
Yes, it's Windows 7. I think it started when I installed W7. I've made no changes to this PC.

I have a screenshot jpg image saved on my PC. How do I insert that into a Frihost post?
Upload the image to an image hosting site, like imgur, and post it here.
Peterssidan wrote:
Upload the image to an image hosting site, like imgur, and post it here.

OK, I uploaded a screenshot image (public) with distorted text to, but the website will not allow me to add the image to an album.

I can see my two images (I tried two upload methods) of the same distorted text screenshots on imgur, and can click on them to enlarge and zoom, but they're NOT in any album.

Can you see the images?
Is it limited to one web browser, or is it in almost every program?

You put the image by copy and pasting the screenshot's full url into a new or existing post. If you want it show on this page select the url that you pasted here and press the "Img" button above to wrap it with a [ img ][ /img ]. If you don't the url will become a link automatically. The post preview should show it in your message.
You said this might be because of Windows 7. Does this imply that you see the distorted text in other applications as well? However, since you also said the distortions appear when you are browsing websites, I'm assuming this is something related to your browser. If it is limited to Mozilla Firefox, might I suggest updating to a newer version, or if that does not work, perhaps using Google Chrome? Very Happy
The image should be here:

OK, I can see the image on that page. Apparently there are two copies of the same image, as far as I could tell. The url points to the html page containing the image, so it doesn't work right with the image tags, but we can see the image by going to that url.

Somehow it doesn't look like a browser issue to me, although I would suggest trying others to see if the symptom changes. Does the problem occur only with text you type into a text box? If you see it also in some display-only pages that would suggest a much different kind of problem. You might also try running in safe mode or with different, simpler display settings.

This kind of problem usually looks impossible to solve when you first encounter it, but examination of when it does and does not occur can provide insight into a configuration problem or whatever.
It seems to be a FireFox problem (I'm using FFox release 21.0)

I don't see the distorted text with other applications including the Internet Explorer browser.

Strange ......
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