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Do you take a class or school after your work?

Do you take a class or school after your work?
lol; nope, i wish i have a work xD i also wish take calsses after school in C++ & bullet physics engine that will make game development go smoother then predicted.
I am currently pursuing a diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) part time. It will take three years and I have completed one. What I can say is that working full time and attending school part time is very difficult as I lose a lot of valuable time in transit and sometimes end up doing assignments at work... Its good that I work with computers so my actions are not necessarily obvious.
Coursera, World Education University and Lynda courses help stay agile after school ends Idea
Yes I do a part time job after my main job. I normally take classes of programming languages like C, C++ and Java. It is necessary for me because nowadays there is a great demand of talented software engineers and colleges do not teach these languages in deep and also I am quite perfect in these languages so I love to teach my students.

Well, there are many advantages of doing part time job. By doing part time job you can gain career related experience, self confidence and of course an earning, so part time jobs are beneficial. You can find best part time jobs for both students and employees in Brisbane.
I do some e-learning, with german language for example. I work with Rosetta Stone right now.
Keep feeding my brain every day. As a graphics/web design major, I have to keep learning to acquire up-to-date skills for the new technologies which come out faster than a person can blink. Right now am learning responsive design. As their isn't a standard for it yet, it is a challenge. There are good 2 hour free seminars on Noble Desktop and good ones on Am also working on a diploma in Internet Marketing Specialist on alison.
I don't take a class after I work. I don't have to take classes anymore because I graduated. But back then, when I did go to college, I used to work after my college hours. College hours were always in the mornings and I used to work in days or at nights.
Right now i am not taking any class or any course after my work because i am satisfied what ever i am doing.I am working as instrumentation engineer.i am doing programming for different project.
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