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Help me please...frontpage help needed!

I making a website and have basically no experience. I got a template and i wat to put in a member thing. Where people can register and then type in username and pas etc (like on a lot of sites). Can some 1 please tell me how to do it on frontpage. I know how to put a form in but thats about it. I need to know stuff like how do i create a database of members, how do i get the forms to recognise them etc.

Thanks anyone who posts.

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You have a couple of options - one, use Dreamweaver, it has much more advanced SLQ tools.

You can also use Microsoft Publisher, you can easily set up a form that emails itself to a particular email when submit is clicked. Then you can create custom logins for each user - eg make two sites, a porper homepage that everyone can access, and then a password protected site that you can make accounts for - to password protect try any of the tools at

hope this helps
Also suggest you learn HTML and PHP rather than using things like frontpage, relying on things like this means if frontpage creates a security flaw in your user login (ive seen it happen before to many people) then you wotn pick it up and hackers will.
one simple suggestion:
don't use frontpage!!
I'm sorry but i have a real aversion to it.
It never does what you want it to do.
Use dreamweaver if you want to make a good site.
It may take a little longer but you'll have quality.

i want to put a shout box on my website and i'm wondering how i can add the shout box without me hosting it is there any way i can do that through frontapge or dreamweaver without me hosting it.
HI can anyone pm m the post or link where i can find out how to create a register & login for a site? please
Frontpage is a good program for people who are starting to make webpages that dont have alot of html knowledge. I started out on Frontpage and I wanted to learn html so I made my pages then I looked at the html code and figured out what each part of code meant. As far as your question goes, you can use dreamweaver like bananaphone said or you can learn php because you need php if you are going to do what you want.
sorry but i don't know. we have to do a simple frontpage assignment in computer class and i don't like it all. she taught us a little html before that and i have since been learning more (am trying to teach myself css as well). that's much more comprehensive to me. backwards, huh?
So you are saying html comes easier to you than the components of frontpage? I did webpages for my webdesign class in school and I was in html view more than the normal view. Some people like you and me learn things easier. Plus you can do alot more with html then you can do with what frontpage gives you. Right now I make my pages with 1st page 2000, it is a free and easy to use html editor. If you need help with code it has little code snipits that you cant just add by clicking a button, such as adding an image or table. The site for 1st Page 2000 is
Mambo and php-nuke should have all these member stuff you want.

Personally, frontpage is good is you are really new at all these. But sooner or later, when you familiarize yourself with all the codes and stuff, you will eventually find frontpage not as good as what DREAMWEAVER can do. Smile
frontppage is not so powerfull but
if you want to do realy simple then create one access database with username and password fiels and in frontpage you can add the database through form property .. its very easy and then you can design simple page with uname and pwd field and write some asp codes to check correct name and password .. and redirect to other memberpage ..
but this is not so effiecient way
I started with frontpage too!!! It was fun learning from it, and now dreamweaver is soooo much more easier to use Laughing
I don't suupose there is a free or even a cheap version of dreamweaver eh? Because I'm in the military I get M$ Office a very, very reduced price, therefore I use FrontPage as well. I am on a tight budget, that's why I ask.
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