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Best Posts = Coins!!!

I would like to welcome everyone to my new contest. You can see the forum that the contest is for in my signature; whoever registers and posts the most posts for the month of June will get an appropriate amount of coins ranging from 0.05 coins to 250 coins based on the number of posts.

  • Must give me your username that you sign up with; post here.
  • Email MUST be valid.
  • Minimum of 20 posts outside of the lounge category.
  • No spamming whatsoever.
  • I reserve the right to eliminate anyone who violates the forum rules excessively.

Happy posting; this contest officially begins June 1, 2013 (GMT-5). You may get a head start; however, you're posts WILL NOT count until the above date. You may also post any questions or comments here too.

Edit: Thank you Ankhanu - Coins WILL BE AWARDED AT THE END OF THE MONTH OF June.

Edit 2: Stop with the "It's nearly impossible to get 250 coins." type posts; they are spam posts of poor quality that have been posted two too many times here; comments are okay, just don't spam the thread with posts like "Great idea Very Happy!" or "Horrible Idea Sad!". It's annoying, it's spam, it's UNWANTED

Edit4: Come on, is this too much to ask for; I'm being quite generous as it is, if you have suggestions to help improve my current forum, tell me.
Given you currently have 3 coins, you should probably make sure you can offer your reward by the end of the month. You're a long way off from rewarding 250 coins.
Appears like people aren't very interested; here's a small change:

  • Register Times:
    1st - Made Administrator
    2nd - Made Global Moderator
    3rd - Made Recruiter
    4th - Made Anti-Spam Team Member
    5th - 1 Coin & 5 GT
  • Ending Count:
    1st - Made Administrator for Life
    2nd - Made Moderator for Life

Maybe this will get more business or responses! Wink
that is very ironic for a newbie giving coins.

For a member here saw this post will check first your profile on the right-side check the date you joined and coins you got.

I think you don't have enough coins. I guess you can post a contest if you have more coins or frih$.
It's not an easy task to get to 250 coins in a month. You have to make a great amount of posts each day. It's not impossible though.
Will you please stop posting about and I quote "Maybe when you have more coins, etc." because one, it'll vary depending on the number of posts that the winner has and two, I'll find me a way to get that many coins; 5 coins a day should do the trick; there's 150 coins, I probably won't give over 100 coins anyway.
* Registration Names, etc.

* Unnecessary, spam-like posts as mentioned above.

[b]I'm pleased to inform you that the contest iw back and running, and as a bonus, GT (forum currency) is doubled everywhere except the Lounge category! Also, I'm very lazy, so if there is a forum you really want to see, goto the Suggest A Forum in the General category; password is "SugAFor" minus the quotes.
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