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Trackmania˛ Stadium

Hi all, i did not see a topic about it here, and it's not so famous in the US, so i'm gonna introduce you the game Trackmania 2 Stadium.

What is it ?
The trackmania game series started in 2003. It is developped by the french studio Nadeo, and was first edited by Focus Home before Ubisoft bought Nadeo in 2009.
The games themselves are based on several environments with really different gameplays, but the free ones, which are the most played, are based on the stadium environment. The most recent game of the series, now in open beta, is based on this environment as well.
The gameplay is really simple, but really hard to master, which is why trackmania is considered as one of the best esports discipline since the races are only based on skill, because there are no colisions and you can't make your car faster. They are plenty of modes and map styles, and you can very easily create your own map and post it online, there are already thousands and thousands of them. You can put loops, barrel rolls, jumps, hugs boosts or whatever you like on your tracks !

Where can i try it
You can download the open beta over here

How much does it cost
Currently you can preorder the full game for as low as 8.99€/$, however there will be a free version of which we do not know the limitations.
Track mania is Wow; turning in spirals, Crazy tracks... its just unique.i haven't played any new version yet :/
You should really try the new version it's pretty nice. I also made a track for tm˛, check it out:
Nice; i ll try it when i finish my bac (;
Just little up, now that game is out, it costs 9.99€ online Wink
I didn't know nothing about a new trackmania, thanks! i'll check it out!
You welcome Wink
Trackmania˛ Valley came out as well early July, did not try it yet tho
Great job!And it's useful for me,thank you so much

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