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Online Courses

Have you ever taken a course online?
What was your experience like?
Was it better than classroom?
What's the one thing you'd say really made it work for you?
I took the search engine course at udacity,com. It was quite instructive. It started out by teaching the basic syntax of python and then went on to teach about crawlers and stuff. Although I did not understand everything, I did feel very enriched in terms of my understanding of search engines when I finished the course.
My brother is taking a course to study for a job exam. I don't know if you have things like federal jobs attainable by highly attended exams, but here in Brazil tis pretty common to study years so you can pass one of this exams and get a dream job. He's studying to be a policeman and I can't imagine a person more fit to this job than my brother. So, the online course. He studies mostly laws and specific therms. Plus he can re-watch the classes again if he feels the need to. I know that it takes a lot of discipline, so yes, that's a thing I can't do. Razz
I have never taken online courses but I am looking for a good PHP course that would enhance my programming skills.
I participated in three online courses.
If you have nothing else to do I can warmly recommend to you courses from
a big no.Mad
but only if you have nothing else to do Confused
total waste most of the time.
Rolling Eyes
well i havent taken any online courses of late,
but had signed up for few courses such as Nuclear Engineering, Energy and its impacts on environment, at but didnt get the time to participate in them, since when they were about to start, my final semester exams had already started, and hadnt had time to sit on the laptop and participate in them.
Hello, well I have taken many courses online like computer programming, English tutorials, French tutorials and many more. According to me, there is not so much difference between online classes and offline or classroom classes. The only difference is that you are learning from computer.
According to me, online classes are far better than offline classes because in offline classes you can learn the subjects according to your convenience and also you can save the videos and download the videos while in offline classes you cannot do like this. So, online classes are much better than offline classes.
I think online courses are good for those who are unable to go high school.
In my experience, i have took some online courses of web development
and my experience was quite good
I have studied about HTML and XML online. It's really interesting and it all depends on our interest in taking and learning up.
It's nice to not having to go to class, but there's a lot hw that needs to be done. I personally don't like it, that's me though.
I think the net fundamentally changes education and what is course is. It just hasn't happened yet. Just like the Model T looked like a horse biggie educators cant give up what they think of as education thus on-line courses are just like a class. Im not saying its bad. But its not the future.
I rather like
I went on coursera and took python basic, but i could not finish it. There is not enough time to do that and classes at college, where im taking java. Overall, if they are free, and its educational enough, it should be beneficiary for you in the long run.
I never take any course that is online. My some friends taken online courses. Some of them are satisfy with the online course and remaining are not satisfied with it. Very Happy Smile Question
I just take a little guidance but not complete course
Blaster taken many classes through this website. Nothing that most of you would be interested in but I need these classes for my major in college and also my work in the fire department.
This topic is of interest to me because just recently, I signed up for this Harvard online class at HarvardX (the online version of Harvard). The class that I joined was CS50x which is an introduction to computer science course.

The way they deliver the course is quite interesting. Lectures and other course materials are posted online. What you do is play those lecures and listen to them. Then you complete your assigned tasks. This course is meant for anyone and everyone who is interested in Computer Science can join.

There is also no hard and fast rule to completing this course, so you can finish it at your own pace but before the end of December 2014.

You can try this course at this url:

Give it a try for those interested in computer science. I know I am.
playfungames: I downloaded them all on itunes once. Great viewing.
Hey I took an accounting course on Coursera ( this is a great course, I recommend it. I took it so that it shows my interests in the field and fills up my resume when applying for jobs. The course was great, had great video lectures, exercises, quizzes and exam. But I think its a very basic introduction. You should remember that they design this things taking current post secondary students and full time workers in mind, so that compresses and simplifies the syllabus even further.
authorforte wrote:
Have you ever taken a course online?
What was your experience like?
Was it better than classroom?
What's the one thing you'd say really made it work for you?

I have take online course from and feel good.
Da Rossa
I got some lessons from Codecademy too. I have nothing to complain about it. It's fantastic!
codeacademy is the better place FREE to learn , but u also have now a new spot called treehouse u have to pay but is very completed website ..

Sorry my english is not very good
Da Rossa
Since you seem to know, tell us more about Treehouse. I've heard about it too, but I'm not willing to try in the dark. Even with a free trial.... every site offers a free trial Very Happy
Another way of doing it is to Google for the topic you want to learn about. Plenty of really excellent tutorials available on Youtube.
authorforte wrote:
Have you ever taken a course online?
What was your experience like?
Was it better than classroom?
What's the one thing you'd say really made it work for you?

I have taken several. In fact, I prefer them to the classroom environment, because:
    a) I can take them in my own time. As someone who has a full-time job, I can't always block the same hours every day. If, for example, it is impossible for me to study from 8 to 12, I can log in and study either very early in the morning, or at night.

    b) I can watch the videos or read the material a dozen times, if need be. When I study, I am never content until I really understand things, as opposed to memorizing them.

    c) If I still do not understand something, I have access to support. I can email the teacher and ask my questions. I understand not all platforms offer continuous or prompt online support, so this is a question I should ask before enrolling.

    d) It costs less. I am, of course, not talking about high school level, although even free school is not free when you include associated costs (transportation and study materials come to mind, maybe special clothing (uniforms) too). Many online courses are free, and even for those that are not, you don't typically pay anything more after enrollment.

So yeah, for me it's better than the classroom. YMMV.
Da Rossa
One of the only downsides I see is that many force us to watch on an embedded player, unable to download the file to watch on VLC, because many times I like to speed up the rate. Some teachers are too slow.
Have you ever taken a course online?

I do, mostly programming tutorials in Coursera, Codecademy and many more.

What was your experience like?

It was ok, I mean literally ok because if you compare it with my time the only thing you can search things is in the textbook which is mostly very difficult to understand. But some of them were boring because sometimes the teacher does not speak english really well so you cannot understand the lesson.

Was it better than classroom?

No classroom class is way more cooler than online education. The interaction between teacher and students is far way more exciting than seating in it and watch the videos. Online education is another way providing additional information to you for a better understanding of the lesson.

What's the one thing you'd say really made it work for you?

It is free. There is no doubt about it. Before you have to pay someone just to learn something but today because of huge number of online learning information is in the palm of your hand.
Instead of taking online course i would like to prefer classes course, where i can easily clear my doubts.
Da Rossa
Another thing to take into account is that there is a LOT of knowledge out there on the internet. Most of the good quality stuff is paid material, but you can also find free things. There is always someone that writes or produces contents for the sake of knowledge itself, without pursuing profit. That's what I used to do with my site.
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