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Protect your pc from new virus programs..

Hey you can just use the antivirus softwares but your pc will be slowed down by the antivirus softwares so you can use simple skills to protect your pc from getting affected by new virus as well as old ones.

Just carefull when you are downloading any programs from the net check for the licence of the file..
If you are using any file shareing tools then just take care of your computer which can be get effected by the spywares.
You can also protect the pc even if it is effected by virus programs
by just knowing the registry settings like running a program in the system start up.
You can also prevent the virus by looking in the msconfig.
If your computer gets effected then also you can prevent it by restarting in safe mode and then disabling the new programs at startup which are registered in the registry and also some are registered in the msconfig and some are assosiated with the programs.

You can also prevent trojons effecting your computer by just taking some preventive measures
Checking the extention of the file before you open the file.
Like whenever you recieve a file from the net from a chat friend or
someone else by email the file may be he sends the file
saying that it is an image but the file may be a trojon with the exe
extention and the jpg image icon so be carefull in opening such files.
Well, gee whizz. Wise words there. You seem to underestimate the complexity of modern viruses, trojans, and malware, however. The fact is at the end of the day having a virus protection program saves you a lot of trouble and reduces the risks significantly without having to do more than updating definitions and scanning regularly.
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Well, gee whizz. Wise words there. You seem to underestimate the complexity of modern viruses, trojans, and malware, however. The fact is at the end of the day having a virus protection program saves you a lot of trouble and reduces the risks significantly without having to do more than updating definitions and scanning regularly.

Well,i never under estimated the new virus but they are weak compaired to the new virus creators:)
always stay updated Wink
Remember that many worms can spread without help from anything, so secure your system!!
It would be better if you had a antivirus running al the time if you are online 24 hours. Keeping it updated and full scan check evry other day would help.
Witht the new faster machines resource should not be a problem.
Or, just use linux: not many people write viruses for linux!
hey erm...
u seem to b very behind in viruses (dos virus era maybe?)

several porblems with ur suggestions
1)hardly any files have licenses with them, well from a large corporate company lyk microsoft, ok; but download off any other site, and they'll always neva have a license
2)spyware doesn't spred through the use of P2P networks, its from the files u download and open
3)knowing registry settings for your pc startup doesn't do anything. most viruses will piggy back exe or dll files
4)MSCONFIG would b able tot ell u if a new startup program like a virus was loading, but how do you it's a virus? its obviously not going to b named a new program that loads couls simply be the result of a new program that you installed or a patch/update for windows
5)most virus writers are smart enuf to fidn ways around msconfig, most will simply make hundreds of copoies of themselves and reinstall themselves if removed
6)file extensions are not a good guide for viruses
yes, dll zip rar and exe r obviously high risk but u can also get viruses in images (jpg bmp) audio (mp3 wav) and more

a better way of protecting yourself would be to:
1)install a antivirus and firewall e.g. pc-cillin 06, norton internet security etc.
2)instal an anti-spyware program such as ad-aware of spybot search and destroy
3)scanning your pc regularly fro viruses
4)scanning all files downloaded b4 u open dem
5)only downloading off trusted sources i.e. from a well known company. downloading off rusian casino sites r obviously going to be dodgy
for files you do not know m,uch about, look reviews on the net
This is an incredibly naiive way of protecting ur comp ....
New-age viruses and trojans can infect even if u take the above steps...
If i am on the net even for 1 hr... my connection goes bust and my comp is swarmin with spyware etc ....
The best way is to use an antivirus in conjunction with a firewall.

I use Avast and Zonealarm Pro. The Best Smile

Getting a good antivirus program is not enough to protect your PC, it's only the first part of the story. In order for you to be always protected is to always UPDATE your anti-virus app.

A firewall system will also save you a lot of trouble so make sure you have one. If your using windows xp then you can turn on your firewall through the security center, you may also turn on automatic update so your system will be guaranteed of a fresh copy of the microsoft patches.

Another thing is the anti-spyware. Surfing the internet would never be safe unless you have these tools. Unless you want to be annoyed with endless pop-ups, system crashes, slowdowns then you can leave the anti-spyware uninstalled.

Man never stops inventing destructive tools. Sigh! Twisted Evil
That all is fine. However, your PC will still remain vulnerable and highly exposed. Some viruses squeeze into your computer unnoticed and and are not even visible in msconfig. By using firewall and antivirus, a barrier is created between the web and the computer. If you don't use anything, then the barrier is broken or diesnt exist and the information passes staright through without being scanned.
I would love to think that we could all run without antivirus software but in this time of the internet, the simple truth is, we can't.

I use AVG 7.1 free and I don't find it slows down my little old Dell P3 500Mhz laptop.

However, if it did, I'd put up with the loss of speed so that I didn't have to keep restarting my PC in safe mode and disabling various programs.

You also seem to forget that not all viri, worms etc slow your PC down. Some do far more damage!!!

Still if you want to run your machine without any protection, then you're free to do soand all I can wish you is good luck!

I hope this helps.
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