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New Deep Purple Album called "Now What?!" Review.

I rested my first Deep Purple album carefully on a turntable in 1975. It was my buddy's favorite band at the time and maybe my second favorite because I was a Black Sabbath devotee. I was fifteen. This is my review of the 2013 release of the new Deep Purple album Now What?!

For those with short attention spans get it. It's good.

For those of you who want to see more of the review - This album (Yes I still call them albums) is a great effort by Deep Purple and producer Bob Ezrin. Among many credits, Ezrin produced 9 Alice Cooper albums, Pink Floyd's The Wall and a Nine Inch Nails album.

This is the first studio album from Deep Purple in eight years.

As long as Ian Gillen is singing, fans will always recognize and accept Deep Purple.

The album was recorded in late 2012. Original keyboardist Jon Lord passed away in 2012 prior to it's recording and the record is dedicated to him.

I heard about the album and pre-ordered it in March. The release date was April 23, I got it on May 14. Go figure.

Among the bands like Foghat and Grand Funk who only have the drummer left as an original member - and hey those bands still have great shows - Deep Purple still has Roger Glover, Ian Paice and Ian Gillen. from the "classic line-up".

I got the album in the mail today and made time to listen to it. I got everything out of the way.

I cleaned off my desk and put in the CD and put on my headphones.

I got hungry and unwrapped a snickers bar and grabbed a knife and fork and plate and sliced it into sections and ate it.

I sort of got distracted with that treat. The first three songs were unremarkable.

As I was picking the peanuts out of my teeth, Hell to Pay the fourth track on the album presented itself. Great Purple, great hit. Great fun. This song should be on classic rock stations now.

Morse is doing a great job of imitating Blackmore (and I would be disappointed if he didn't) at the same time showing his own ability and talent on others songs.

Above and Beyond is a tribute to recently deceased Jon Lord. This tribute (to me) seems to include every band influenced by Lord which pretty much includes any modern band with a notable keyboardist or catchy keys. I hear Yes, I hear Rush in this song. I hear Van Halen.

I dislike song 7 as I have never liked The Doors. Maybe Ezrin wanted to know what the Doors would be recording if they were still Relevant. I would love nothing more than Deep Purple to have a "hit". just not this way.

Song eight is another great tribute to Lord. I think it's not trying to be a Deep Purple song. I think it's a sincere thoughtful tribute. It's Good to be King.

Songs 9 and 10 are respectable songs that a revival band would try to put forth as an effort to attempt a fresh start.

Song 11, Vincent Price is clearly Ezrin in his Welcome to My Nightmare attempt at further Halloween Night airplay. At least there were no squalling children like on Department of Youth and The Wall.

We don't have much to love. We love Rock and Roll, the first Chickenfoot album and Slash albums are great. This album says someone is still trying to keep rock and roll alive.
i once heard about the first deep purple albums that there was a (not always only musical) quarrel between the guitarist and the organist - and that this was one reason for the remarkable dynamic of the pieces. listening to them later on, i found that this explanation - may it be true or not - is also a nice describtion of the earlier pieces, and they have (like in so many cases) something special that you can't find in later productions... what would you say, if you compare the new album to the first ones? let's say until the japan one with the orchestra?
Thanks for asking. The new Deep Purple album compares favorably to all early Purple releases until the "Machine Head", "Burn" and "Stormbringer" releases. Prior to these albums Purple did have one radio hit "Hush" (Thought I heard her calling my name now Hush).

Early 80's releases, "Machine Head" and the follow-up live album "Made in Japan" are classic Rock and Roll and for everybody. Any other release - then and now - are most appreciated by Deep Purple enthusiasts.
Gillan justified the new album stating it has got such a good producer work. I can only agree. I've listened to the new album at least 3 times and the sound by Bob Ezrin is nothing but perfection.
Was listening to it today. Sadly, they don't focus on playing live songs from this album. They keep on playing some of the songs, where Gillan's vocal keeps on fading away.
The album is not a bad effort but had plenty of room for improvement.
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