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Problem with ADSL modem and router

Dear all bros and sis,

I have connected to the internet through the ADSL connection.
The line is connected from the phone line to ADSL modem.
My ADSL modem got 4 ports, so i connect 3 computers to these port.
The 1 existing port is connected to the Linksys Router to share the internet to other computers.

The ip of ADSL modem is
and the IP of router in default is
All these device are HDCP enable

I want all computers in the network the know each others, be able to share resources, printer, files...
(It is currently unable to connect for resources from PCs connect to router and connect directly to adsl modem)

Could u tell me how could i do to enable all computer to recognize each other (No matter the computer is connectd directly to ADSL modem or Linksys Router)?
Kyle Katarn
If I understand your problem correctly, what you need to do is go the admin page of your router, and turn off DHCP. That should allow the modem to assign all IP addresses, and fix the problem.
you have to connect to modem first to your computer, and configer the modem (test it out, if it's working)
after that, disconnect de modem from computer and connect it to the router, normally there is a special port for the modem, it's 1 port at the left or at the right side of the router (at the back) you plugin the modem and connect the router and after that, is will work

to recognize all the computers, connect all the computers to the router, make sure the firewall is turned off so you can acces all the computers

Turn off DHCP
Firstly, you should manually assign your IP addresses as it makes debugging a lot easier.

The ip of ADSL modem is
and the IP of router in default is
All these device are HDCP enable

There's your problem. The ADSL modem can't talk to the router as it isn't on the same network (subnet). The modem is on the network, but the router is on the network. Devices need to be on the SAME network.

You should make the modem, the router, and start numbering the computers from

Set the configuration on the devices so it looks like this:

IP Address: (where xxx = any free number).
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway: (this tells all the devices that if they want to go to a machine not on your network, they need to talk through -- your modem)

Hopefully, this helped you Smile
First of all, thanks for all your help bros daniel15, bananaphone, Reyntjensw, and bros Kyle Katarn,

But i still got one more thing to ask bro daniel15,

I have try to change the ip of the router to:

ip: and
subnet mask
and DHCP from so on.

In order to match with the ADSL modem where it is
Subnet mask:
and DHCP from to

But the computer connect to the adsl modem and the computer connect to the router was still unable to recognize each others.

(I have disable all Firewall of all computer)
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