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What do you think about quota system?

What is your opinion about the quota system? I mean the system that allows people of social groups who have faced discrimination for a long time certain advantages. For example, reserving a certain percentage of seats in an educational institution for girls, or so-called lower caste people, or people of a dark complexion. Is this fair, or does this promote further discrimination?

I used to think it's unfair, but then my social studies teacher told me something that I found quite convincing. He said that the social groups getting privileges due to the quota system are the same groups who have lived under discrimination for a long, long time. They have come to a stage where they have become unable to raise their social status by the natural flow of things, in any reasonable amount of time. Hence, the quota system is a way of bringing all social groups to the same level. This is only a temporary measure until everybody has the same kind of social status and opportunities to raise their standard of living. I don't know if the quota system in Nepal has been implemented in the right way, but that is the principle behind it.

What is your opinion about this?
Interesting question Codegeek. I think the quota system is justified up to a point until society has outgrown the need for the system. Discrimination will always be around, and it is obvious that the quota system had to be developed to fight it. However, there is a point, like now, when society has outgrown the need for the quota system. Then if the quota system persists, it could develop into discrimination in reverse.
Nice said Dean. IMHO, the quota system is useful for giving a certain group of people to make them properly educated so that they can compete with others. However there should not be any quota in jobs because that will enhance the benefit twice. However the qualifying marks for appearing the competition can be lowered for them and maximum age limit can be relaxed.
The quota should be given based on socioeconomic condition rather than cast. The facility should be removed once it is found that the person has attained a well to do position (in one or two generations may be). The real scenario is quite different in India. Quota facility carried from generation to generation as the inherited property.
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