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Dark Souls 2 gameplay reveal thoughts

Hello everyone,

No matter what platform u choose, we all have some pretty epic games to immerse ourselves in. My favorite IP is the Souls series by From Software ie. demons souls and dark souls. The level of challenge is so rewarding and the multiplayer was so innovative for its time. Who is planning on playing dark souls 2 once it comes out? The biggest concern most who covet this series has, is will the new developers take this in a direction that will abandon the features which made the first two games so successful. Based off the footage reveal of the gameplay interview, we all took a sigh of relief that core gameplay mechanics and art direction remain securely in place.

I have entered a design i worked VERY hard on in a contest on Facebook sponsored by Namco Bandai for an upcomming ps3/xbox360/pc game called Dark Souls II; sequel to a successful title that sold over 2.4 million copies worldwide, where 6 winners will have their designs featured in the actual game! Follow this link to vote:
This will direct you to my design voting page on Facebook, if you dont choose to continue reading, instructions on how to vote are as follows: 1) Hit link 2) hit play game icon; This just allows you to use the facebook app IT COSTS NOTHING, AND U DONT HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME 3) hit VOTE for my design (it wont take you more than a minute; if the above link does not take you to shield named "invader," just close that tab opened by link and click link again, it will direct you to the correct page on the second click)

This design depicts one of the most beloved aspects of the game; invading other worlds to engage in multiplayer pvp!

Thank you all for your time and support!
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