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Anybody tried Zorin OS?

According to the introduction at, Zorin OS is so unique that it can actually run some windows applications!
And shows that folks seem to like it very much.
Anybody has tried that? Question
I can't wait to know your real experience.
It seems to be mostly based on ubuntu with an interface most similar to Windows 7. Zorin OS comes with a lot of preloaded programs that makes it easier for newcomers from Windows to starting using linux.

It doesn't seem like Zorin OS is a unique version of linux that has some exclusive upper hand in running window programs, rather it comes preinstalled with WINE and PlayOnLinux, which provides a platform to run Windows applications.
Thanks for posting about this distro, I had not heard of it until now. I dont think it's on the unless I have just overlooked it. Anyone else have any experience with this OS?
Distrowatch now has a page for it:

The wiki article linked to in the OP is in user space and quite old, which initially caused me to wonder if zorin was currently maintained. According to distrowatch, there was a release in 2012 and another one just took place (RC on 5/23; release on 6/10).

Apparently they are quite aggressive in choosing applications that use patented software, as they have a disclaimer suggesting not to download in countries where software patents are enforced. I wasn't sure if this applied to the distribution as a whole or only to certain packages. I would hope it's the latter.
Latest stable release of this disto according to wikipedia was 2010 and now after 3 years there is no new version, but it is not true ! it is just wikipedia that has not been updated, Zorin OS 7 is the latest one and because of that wikipedia page i never tested it because i was saying it is old and discontinued but thanks to this thread i'm going to download and test it , i think it comes with something like Wine preloaded to be able to run windows softwares.
I never heard of it until this thread. The OS looks pretty much like a terrible version of Windows (at least the GUI). But I guess this is not really a good start for beginners. No matter how much it resembles Windows, it's still Linux and when something goes wrong you'll get less support than with a popular distro like Ubuntu or Mint.
But then again its still linux!!
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