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Software Piracy

Now most of us here at some point in their life have used pirated software. I would like to ask what is your take on software piracy?

do you think it helps a business maintain a higher market share of their software?
do you think the copy protection being employed is only annoying legit users?
what do you think can be done to curb piracy.. besides a much lower pricing scheme Razz

I also read somewhere that software companies treat software as physical property or intellectual property depending on the situation that benefits them. Anyone know of any examples of such cases?
I'm against it. It's NOT legal! Smile

But some software companys do exagerate the price, like some MS applications, considering their market.

But just say no! Smile
On the other hand im for it i think copy right is dumb but it helps big companys get recognised and people download a copy and realise theres something is going wrong, they get caught with an invalid cd key etc... they just go out and buy the software like me Very Happy
Do your part against the evil empire: use pirated software!
It's hard, I go back and forth on this subject. If the price is reasonable and I like the software, I'll try to purchase it just so I can support the authors. I do think that microsoft products are way too expensive.
If I like software I will buy it, if im going to use it once I wont bother. Personally im against software Piracy in the cases where you would buy the software.
Well first of all it is so dang easy all you have to do is go to a key crack site and find a serial key and then download limewire (or any other way to get the files you need) and find the installer files. Of course there are some major downsides. For example if you were to pirate Windows XP you wouldn't be able to update since windows uses the geunine validation (aka there way to stopping prating) But then It is still wrong to pirate software. Think of the guy who invented baseball. He probalby worked really hard on the game and some other guy stole it. How would you fell if someone took your hard work. Plus it is illegal.
easiest way to fight piracy would be price and service.
example: company A has a unique problem in their workflow, you code a software that will let them handle it lock the software to the server CPUid and offer changerequests etc for a reasonable price.

talking of price paying 50 for maybe 10 hours of entertaining offlineshooting is definitly too much.

i don't have a problem with buying a catialicense for several 1000 when it keeps the company going, but why pay for an office suite when people only as a typewriter?

some people might be attracted by the illegality of pirated software und would still pirate if the software was cheap. but i think if software is affordable and easy to get (which coud mean having a fast downstream) why bother using a p2p net and risk getting virused?

long story short :easiest way to fight piracy would be price and service.
Your extreamly true! cheaper price the more people will buy it because they cant be botherd to download it and yes i think microsoft charge way to much for products.
hey, get this, software piracy is BAD, very BAD... but what if ur living in a country where theres ONLY pirated software availible, and NO original software... i mean, at reasonable rates!!!! Rolling Eyes Idea
I usually avoid piracy of software by using open source/freeware because most software that is pirated comes from unreliable places that I don't trust. There are only a few times I've done it.
Well first of all it is so easy all you have to do is go to a key crack site and find a serial key and then download kazza. Sometimes there are donwsides to this. But then It is still wrong to pirate software. But some software is redicuolsly expensive. I mean some software costs $300 per liscence. That is just not fair expecialy when they are big companys like apple and Microsoft.
I think a the solutions for a lot of the problems people here are talking about here could be a Linux-based distribution. I reccommend trying Ubuntu -- there's a LiveCD version that you can boot to without touching your hard drive, and make sure that everything's okay.

There are open source equivalents for most programs you use under Windows, and not only are they free to use, they're stabler and more secure.

For office suites, try -- also available on Windows!
Other cross-platform applications to get you started: GAIM replaces deadAIM, MSN Mess, Yahoo Mess, and many other IM programs. GIMP is a slightly less full-featured equivalent to Adobe Photoshop; Firefox destroys Explorer as a web browser. You can use all these programs even without switching to Linux, for free!

Make your choice with your $ and your user base, and migrate away from apps that are overhyped/overbloated from years of meaningless feature additions.
I agree that software piracy is bad, but someone like me who lives in poor country it's hard to buy for example Windows. I can't help that, all I can see here in my country is easier to buy pirated cd then original.

Soo maybe lower prices could 'stop' pircy.

Anyway Micro$oft is a big conspiracy, so they have profit even from the piracy... Twisted Evil
I've never used illegal softwares.

But i prefer calling it "Sharing software" rather than "Piracy".
someone like me who lives in poor country it's hard to buy for example Windows.

The software companies need to wake up to this fact.

Special licenses for different countries would be a step in the right direction. Microsoft have tried this out recently in Indonesia, offering a cheap deal to the government to get all their Windows software licenced. Around US$2 a machine I think it was.

Like mostarac said, in many countries legit software is almost impossible to buy. And besides, when you earn around US$200 a month, which is a reasonable wage for an Indonesian, you aint gonna spend it on a peice of software you can buy for $1 at the local market.

I just laugh when I hear them all cry out about how much money they loose each year in Asia. 95% or more of the people here could not possibly afford to buy genuine Software, or music, or movies. That is why the practice is so prevalent in these countries.

Let's see, shall I buy WinXP for a month's wages, or just pay $1?
Hmmmm, difficult question, but I think I may be a bit hungry if I don't eat for a month.

Seriously though, if they offered it at affordable prices, I think many people would opt for legitimate software.

As for me?
I'm against it. People work hard building good software and deserve to be paid for it. Some people just can't pay so that's a bit different. I'm lucky, as a foreigner here I get paid a real salary so I can buy real software.
The big issue about software and multimedia piracy can't be stopped as there are too many people and communities involved in the whole thing. If I wanted software, music, or games all I would have to do is download bitorrent, limewire and other such programs. Infact, there are even websites hosting illegal files, not just any ordinary files, but full length DVD rips and major softwares. Shutting these P2P programs down and every such website would be literally impossible with people and groups contributing to piracy each day. Even then, P2P programs ARE NOT illegal and therefore could not be shut down regardless.

In my opinion, piracy to an extent is ok. Like, even I download some music off the net, to check out artists and bands. Why? Because I don't want to head over to the record shop to snag a CD I have never even listented to. So I download a few songs from that band, listen, and if I like the band I will purchase the CD. As far as downloading major software such as 3DS Max, which CAN be illegally download and costs around 3,000 dollars for a license, that is a different story.

The work put into such software is enormous, you can only imagine. It requires huge groups of people, late nights and alot of patience and bug fixes. As far as pirating them goes, sure the creators of the software get paid whether you pirate it or buy it legally. BUT if the company in which the software is made does not get enough profit, the company has to close it's doors. I think pirating major softwares is not a good thing, but then again, maybe 3DS max shouldn't cost your $3,000. Lowering the prices on such major softwares should be put into place. I myself don't see a major problem in piracy to this day, but it can become a huge epidemic if taken to the ultimate extent.
piracy is a double edge knife, it helps people acces software other wise they will never have access to, thus increasing the chances of buying the original sofware from the creators in benefit of their business. On the other hand people obligated to pay for this software may never do this beause thay already got it from their trusted piracy dealer. Here in Mexico piracy is a way to access to top level software for several reasons:
Many sofware developers do not make available their sofware locally so if a company or person would want to acquire a specific program locally it will be just impossible (I know that you can buy most of the software on line but many times the support is what makes the difference).
Another reason is that sofware as well as other media content is just to expensive for the region, well it is a personal poin of view; lets say a person in the US making 7 US dollars an hour vs a person in Mexico making about a 1 dollar an hour for exactly the same job, the person in the US can buy a hamburger from McDonalds for 2 dollar while the Mexican has to pay for exactly the same hamburger about 45 pesos which is about 4 dollars, well that does not seem fair paying more that 350 dollars in Mexico (1 month of work) vs the same amount of money but representig only 1/4 of a month for a person living in the US. Got the point? I think pricing is important as well as sopport, but most of all the pricing should be proportional to the markets they want to play in. So globalization and all of that shit will be possible and real for the third world not only for the first world the one that writes the rules.
Piracy is almost as awesome as wanton murder. It gives free exposure to software and allows the community to experience the features without having to waste money compensating the hard work of software designers. It's not fair for anyone to expect more than a few dollars no matter how many thousand hours their team works on a product.

More people should start pirating. Its good for the industry, inspires new products, and creates healthy competition.

ocalhoun wrote:
Do your part against the evil empire: use pirated software!
gonzo wrote:
More people should start pirating. Its good for the industry, inspires new products, and creates healthy competition.
So if piracy is good for the industry, how is that helping your holy war against the evil empire?

Also the fact that software companies ask too much money for their product does not make piracy OK. If a shop asks $1000 for an ordinary pair of socks, would you steal them "because they're so expensive"? You'd find another shop with a normally priced pair of socks.
Software piracy does no good to society, but lowering the price may not solve the problem. We must start from the education. If the consequences of software priacy are presented clearly in schools, the problem may be reduced.
Arnie wrote:
So if piracy is good for the industry, how is that helping your holy war against the evil empire?

Do you have a firm grasp on conditional questions or does it just appear that way?
Piracy is illegal and immoral. I have to pay $300 for what other people get for free? Those people disturb me.
Well i`m an IT&C student in Romania, my 3rd year now....i have a salary of 120$/month, and it`s more then most of my collegues have in their pockets every month. So i have two decisions possible: either use pirated software or use open source. I am for the moment doing both. Here is a question for you:
Romanians are rated among the firsts in the world in topics such as programming, hacking, 3D graphics. And most of us are just students with no way of affording to buy such software needed for us to learn. How can i wish to become a professional 3d artist without beeing able to usa 3D studio max or lighwave ot maya, or etc etc etc. ? How can you learn anything really without acces to the information and beeing able to test it. And please don`t tell me that`s why there are shareware programs, because no one can learn 3dstudio max in 30 days Smile
Besides if there weren`t any pirated copyies of Windows out there i`m 100% sure that Linux by now with have alot more fans then it has. And by the way, you can have microsoft updates with a pirated copy Wink
raver wrote:
salary of 120$/month....students with no way of affording to buy such software needed for us to learn. How can i wish to become a professional 3d artist

so when you finish school will you be happy to work long hours for a montly salary of 0$/month? why or why not?
I wonder what will happen when you rationalize stealing in the decision determining your final destination. Do you think excuses will make a difference?

First of all, many software companies offer versions of their product tailored for schools and students. Often they will license a school for free for the "learning" experience. They do this because they know it will take time to for instructors to teach their software, and they want to be chosen rather than a rival for the students' training.

I used a lot of software to "experiment" before I got to college, everything I could get my hands on when I was young and shameless. I played around with AutoCAD, with 3DS Max, and other big-league software. But it was just an expensive game I was playing for cheap, and in the end nothing held me hostage -- I'm using only freeware now, mostly open source (and a few old licensed copies of DOS and Windows 95 along with some abandonware to run on qemu).

Would I have ever paid for those programs? Certainly not, at the age I was using them -- I doubt I could have convinced my parents to shell out the $3000 for AutoCad when I was 13. But did I once gain any technical knowledge that their carefully programmed guides and walkthroughs didn't give me? Nope. I experimented, sure, but I doubt it seriously drove their technical support down.

I did convince my parents to buy a copy of Windows 2000 Professional for their home office when it came out, because I knew that it was vastly superior to prior Windows vesions, even though I had a prerelease copy six months in advance and I knew I could download it online. And we've owned several legal copies of Word and Office through the years.

Did I once call up Microsoft and use that technical support? Not a chance. I may have browsed a few KnowledgeBase articles on their website, which would cost them the same whether their software had been legally obtained or not. Do you know anyone with legal copies of software that these average humans you speak of call the technical support line for when they're having problems? No. Virtually nobody does. They call their friends, or take a class.

There is no training cost to the makers of software. Because their job is not training people, it's... making software.

Maybe Windows would have become ubiquitous through piracy... but in actuality it became ubiquitous through licensing agreements prohibative to computer manufacturers that pushed them to preload their computers with it. Piracy didn't help a whit, and it hurt them a lot. Not that I mind seeing Microsoft getting hurt, particularly -- but I don't think stealing Windows is the right decision to make, the right way out.

Maybe we should just package up some Linux distros and send them out on major pirate networks as the new Windows Vista... put a pretty splashscreen on them that looks like Windows while it quietly reformats people's hard drives. Smile
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