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Reporting Process

What is the reporting process like on Frihost? If an original poster reports a comment on their topic who typically handles the request?

I think of YouTube and how the account owner can often hide comments or mark them as spam and you can often see entries like this on other videos. If YouTube altered their method to be similar to Frihost and an account owner requested to have a comment removed, would they simply remove the comment or the video as well and say A led to B so rather than just remove B as requested they also remove A?

If an OP reports a comment and asks to have it removed, does the person who handles the request simply remove the comment or do they look at the comment and then the topic it was posted to and make some kind of judgment where the topic could also be removed? Is the person who reported the comment or topic notified? Is the person who was reported notified at all?

It would be nice if Frihost could give the Firhoster's a little more control of their 'space' (blog areas and possibly forum topics that they posted). If a Frihoster feels that some comments are unwelcome then they can remove the comment. If someone posted a topic and feels that some comments are getting out of hand then they can remove the comments and if they wish they can report the offending user.

I ask because I reported two comments and I wished to have them removed but my entire blog post (probably one of the shortest I'd written) was removed. I'm rather puzzled by this process and wary of doing such a thing again incase an essay of a blog is removed. I'm inclined think that my blog content was scrutinized and removed. If my blog topic was reported then that would make sense, but if it wasn't and my own blog was removed because I drew attention to unwanted comments... I'm quite sure I have other blogs that are not so different than the one that got deleted. I think if Frihost aims to moderate and sensor certain content I'd think there would be an established procedure where the original poster is warned via a personal message to refrain from such posts. After X number of warnings the user is either in some serious trouble or banned.

Idle curiosity. That's all. Hope to hear from someone soon.
All the moderators can see the reports, both those that have not been handled, and those that have been handled. The person who's post(s) or account ha(s/ve) been reported are not informed of the report; it is a one-way communication between the reporting user and the moderation team. Who handles the report is typically the first Moderator to encounter it. We evaluate the report, it's validity, and take action, or not, as we deem fit. Typically, there's no need for further discourse, and the reporting or reported users aren't necessarily contacted, but that depends on circumstances.

There is a fair degree of difficulty in implementing a user-control system for replies to threads and blogs they've created, some based in the phpBB2.0 backbone of the forum, some, no doubt, further complicated by the extensive modifications Bondings has made to that backbone. Unfortunately, no forum system I am aware of offers users the same level of moderation control as per the Youtube commenting options you mentioned above, they're all dependent upon a moderator team (user permission/permission group) to conduct moderation actions.

In the instance you're referring, I was the moderator who handled the reports; if you would like to discuss the rationale for how it was handled, send me a PM and I'll gladly divulge my reasoning Smile
Apparently I didn't think to look under Announcements and Rules. Don't I feel ditzy Razz but I got a more thorough answer about the inner workings so that worked out.
A-clickety-close Smile
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