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Dolphin Hunting in Japan!

I hope this isn't too disturbing, but I never realized that this kind of thing was going on. Apparently, there is a yearly tradition of mass dolphin-killings in Japan, and people have finally gotten pictures of it (linky):

They do the same thing to whales. An excerpt from the article:

Monday, November 10: WSPA regrets to report that the 30 pilot whales captured by Japanese fishermen in Taiji on November 6th were slaughtered on November 7th. The whales were captured right before I left Taiji to return home. The pod was first driven into the shallow cove and then confined with nets overnight. The suffering of these whales is unimaginable and I hated to leave knowing they were slated for death. I am counting the days until I can return to Taiji to help the dolphins.

Two large males were killed while trying in vain to protect the females and babies from the hunters' spears. Nik and another Sea Shepherd volunteer attempted to document the killings and ended up in another confrontation with the fishermen while the Taiji police stood by and did nothing.

I tried to talk to the fishermen about this pod of whales on my last day in Taiji. I tried to explain that there were babies trapped in the nets, hoping this would make a difference. The fishermen just looked at me and laughed. We have a long way to go to put a stop to these cruel killings.

Here's the meat market where they sell the whale and dolphin meat.

How intelligent must an animal be before you feel sympathy for it? For most people, it's somewhere above an earthworm or an insect, but I'd say they stop short before dolphins. I must admit that I had no idea there was such unapologetic cruelty in the way these hunts are conducted. They don't even make it a merciful killing; some of the animals are still alive when they begin cutting them up for meat.
This is terrible and wrong - i think that we should somehow spearhead a post against the whole shebang!
Lord Klorel
I also disapprove this hunting. the dolphins are very nice creature and the communication between a human and a dolphine are amazing.
Sometimes you hear in the news that dolphines are very good therapists in the help of children and humans that live in their own world.

So i declair that petitions must be started against this hunts.

Why hunting this friendly creatures, just because that there flesh is a pure delicacy.

I say NO against this form of hunting.

Let us rise against this horribleness Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
While I personally agree with most of you about the dolphins, it is also difficult to agree to legislate something against this. It's a value thing. For all the reasons you all list why dolphins should not be hunted are reasons which can be applied to any animal. In India cows are sacred. There are approximately a billion people in India, therefore one could argue that a good majority of people find cows unfit to be eaten. We clearly value cows at a different level... as these Japanese people do with their dolphins. Unless they are endangering any particular species, I can't self-righteously demand them to stop without becoming a hypocrite.
The dolphins must like getting hunted. I heard they're smart little buggers, I can definatly see them revolting and taking some Japanese down.
it is sick that people can do this. these dolphins are so innocent. it makes me sick
Damn, that's really really sad man. Although it's their culture, they should at least practise sustainable harvesting and LESS VIOLENT METHODS...i mean...spears? What's up with their technology and all?
but do they taste good?
I know that dolphin fishing is popular in other parts of the world as well. Even in the United States, the meat used to be popular in the past centuries. From reports I read, the meat is quite tender, although I myself am not too eager to try it.
I'm not aware anywhere locally where I can find dolphin soup, but I'm "open minded" enough to try it
didint taste but think the dolphins are very nice creature and the communication between a human and a dolphine are amazing
So sad that anyone can do this kind of things,I can't describe how much sad I am at the moment,I only hope that god will pay all this evil human creatures- I wish that they will burn in hell and be hunted,I wish they will die a realy painfull death.

sorry bout the disturbing language,but this act is much more disturbing.
Japa jerks. Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Exclamation
You can hunt any fish other than dolphins and whales. Specially dolphins, they're so cute and friendly, I just can't imagine that people are hunting them. It's just like killing your dog, sorry for that.

I just hope that they will stop! Evil or Very Mad
Japan's culture have very cruel sides,we can not ignore it .
Well, it's a hypocritical thing, because in Hinduism they abhor eating Pork and Beef on certain days.

They probably see Westerners as barbarians who shameless slaughter "innocent" and "friendly" cows. That said, those photos look photoshopped. The water is far too red. Even if those dolphins were bleeding all over the place, it wouldn't completely stain the sea, and absolutely not such a vivid scarlet.

As long as people aren't killing animals for frivolous (fur coats, botched medical theories) reasons, or hunting them to the point of extinction (whale hunting in Japan) I think we can't realistically stop people killing animals.
I guess if its part of your culture you may feel intitled to kill them, but it so wrong. I mean, soon enough they'll be worse of then the panda. They should like, make imitation dolphin meat. Like they make imitation crab! I mean, find the flavor, I guess, but don't keep killing inncoent animals for the shocking taste and texture. It's disgusting.
They probably see Westerners as barbarians who shameless slaughter "innocent" and "friendly" cows.

yes and the difference is that we don't see our cows the moment they are slaughtered but the Japanese are just like us, we don't see this. we only react this way because were not used to seeing animals die.
It is really disappointing.
may the lord help the Dolphins!!
It is a fact that Japanese people see pain and suffering in a different way then other "races of men" (No disrespect o any Japanese peersons on this forum, or any part of the world) This has been proven the same in war (Suicide torpedos, Zero planes and packing a bomb under their arms and blowing up tanks), and it's the same at whale hunting.
Los delfines ayi se comen como aqui se como el cerdo...
o como los perros y gatos
Whales and dolphins ARE intelligent creatures, and should be protected by laws. But money always finds it's way... I really don't know haw anyone who looked any movie with dolphins can kill one? And they are so pretty and amusing. Anyone here killed a dolphin? Or human? No difference, except for it's easier to kill a dolphin.
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