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Happy Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries are participating from London to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City, New Delhi to New York, Rome to Cairo; people everywhere are taking action in their communities.

How can you get involved? Attend an Earth Day event in your community and start doing something to lower your carbon footprint.

Wondering what’s happening around the world? Here are just a few of the events taking place:

In Copenhagen, Denmark—as well as in six other cities on five continents—the Danish Cultural Institute is organizing its annual CO 2 Green Drive Project in honor of Earth Day. Runners, walkers, bikers, and skaters are using their cities as canvasses to spell “CO 2“ with GPS devices.

In Argentina, volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation are cleaning up the local beaches and planting evergreens and Tamarisk shrubs to help prevent wind and water erosion.

5,000 miles to the northeast, in Ghana, The Rural Education and Development Programme (REDEP) is hosting a three-part event that includes a community clean-up, a “Face of Climate Change” theatre production, and an environmentally-themed essay contest.

A local organization in Jalandhar, India—in coordination with Earth Day Network India—is distributing free saplings to students and hosting a discussion about the effects of climate change and ways to mitigate it.

In Milan, Italy, thousands of people are gathering for the Earth Day Italia Festival to learn about environmental issues and spur action on local green initiatives.

Meanwhile in Seoul, South Korea, Ecomom Korea is organizing an “Eco-style” Earth Day Flash Mob, a variation of the popular song “Gangnam Style,” as well as hosting an Earth Day Walkathon and an Earth Day exhibition, which will showcase The Face of Climate Change photo display.

In Santa Barbara, California, thousands of people attended the local Earth Day Festival, which included live music, speakers, a Green Car Show, and special awards given to Van Jones and Bill Nye.

In Veracruz, Mexico, Tortugas Fundacion Yepez is mobilizing volunteers to protect the habitat of sea turtles by cleaning up the local beaches and organizing a reforestation campaign.

The Bent Al-Rafedain Organization in Babylon, Iraq—in cooperation with the Department of the Environment—is honoring Earth Day by documenting the sources of pollution in their community and organizing a media campaign to educate residents and encourage government officials to reduce pollution.

In Columbus, Ohio, Green Columbus is mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to pull invasive plants, clean up neighborhoods, and plan trees at over 100 volunteer sites across the state.

Far away in Chuuk, Micronesia, Xavier High School is hosting an Earth Day Conference with the theme “The Face of Climate Change” that will feature a neighborhood clean-up, speakers, educational workshops, and an environmentally-themed school song competition.

What are you doing for Earth Day?

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- Ankhanu
I do nothing on earth day. There are so many people hate earth since they produce waste and other pollution to the earth and outer space. I hope earth day can affect the bad people.
Fortunately, other Faces of Climate Change are multiplying too: those stepping up to do something about it. Help us personalize the massive challenge climate change presents by taking a photo and telling your story. How has climate change impacted you? What are you doing to be part of the solution? -

I understand we can not move or move the planet.
Interesting photo Bluedoll.

OK .... let's see what I can find ... as to what I'm doing today .... I did not do any traveling. So one car less on the road.

Tracked this photo down to National Geographic Online:
The interplay of land, sea, and sky is evident in this abstract view of the wind-eroded canyons of a modern desert built of what was the sandy bottom of an ancient sea. Photo by Erik Harrison.

Would love to know which desert that was.

Aha ... tracked it down to the artist's Website:
Erik Harrison wrote:
I've been wanting to wonder through Lower Antelope Canyon for some time. I was a bit torn about rumors of crowds and fees and the need for a guide but in all was simply blown away by the place.

And here it is - the Antelope Canyon located in the Navajo desert near Page, Arizona.

And more absolutely stunning photos ....
I did not even realize it was on. I am afraid there is so much noise here from conservationists and green politicians and supporters and other save the whales/earth type groups, one tends to switch off from it all.
Not that I am not into conservation and protection of our natural resources etc but I do believe that there has to be a healthy balance. Some green activists are extremely radical and seem to do anything to further their cause, like driving steel spikes in trees to destroy a chainsaw and maybe kill or maim the guy using it. Our population is growing so we are going to use more and more resources but I have no problem with cutting down a tree as long as several more are planted in it's place, ie management.
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