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What do you use your Raspberry Pi for?

I'm using mine to try to install Arch Linux and learn more about UNIX. You?
I've had it for a couple months, but, I've only installed the OS and some webserver packages on it, then never plugged it back in Razz I intend to replace the old laptop I've been using as a server with it, but haven't taken the time to configure it.
It's fun

Several months ago i aquired Raspberry Pi with XBMC/Raspbian on the SD card. It has a transparent housing, came with keyboard, USB cables, power supply and some other small stuff for under 80 Euros. On arrival, I mounted the SD card and connected it to the power supply and the LAN (internet). Within 15min it had configured itself.

The OS on it is Raspbian, which is a Debian Linux flavour. I don't use the Linux graphics interface, because I do not have a HDMI-monitor. So I avoid using a Linux screen or keyboard altogether. It just sits as a box on the network. I run Putty SSH client, to access the Raspberry from my PC.

The Raspbian under XBMC is quite limited, so for several things I had to use sudo apt-get install,

- apache2
- mySQL
- gcc
- python

It's fun playing with. I built a Python client-server system that is controlled from PHP, enabling me to access all Raspberry Pi Linux directories from within a browser on the PC, without using FTP, SMB sharing or other standard tools. My php side has user management and login, so I can give my friends access.

I mounted USB-mass storage on it, now I have my own private cloud Smile

In the last 2 months I've learned a lot about Linux, its boot (/etc/init.d), cron-jobs and the use of networking sockets in Python. Nice thing about Python is that it allows me to setup exactly the same system on my Airbook. Setup Apache for it, copy php and .py files, done.
It's plugged into my big widescreen downstairs. Got RaspBMC on it with an IR sensor and a win media remote. Plays all my movies and TV off the network with ease, without big corporate interests it can handle any format which is almost never the case for consoles, dedicated media boxes, etc.
I am going to bye Raspberry in the near future.

LxGoodies wrote:
Several months ago i aquired Raspberry Pi with XBMC/Raspbian on the SD card. It has a transparent housing, came with keyboard, USB cables, power supply and some other small stuff for under 80 Euros.

Can You LxGoodies please tell me where You have bough your Respberry set.
I am not used to buy via Internet and it would help me a lot to know a liable place to buy my Respberry set.
For anything you could imagine using a computer. Its a small computer that can run linux on it.
Raspebery PI, Wow.

This litle machine is the multimedia provider of almost my colleagues.

They set it up with XMBC and some plug ins and have full access to streaming TV, including premium channels. And Sports channels.

If you have a fiber connectiion even Full HD on movies is available. Smile


Of course, this is only for educational purposes.....
Is there a good programming language to interface with Raspberry pi with Windows?
Doing anything with Pi is fun but after i tried it, I went for a Nvidia Jetson TK1 which is on its way (pre ordered) and i think i gonna do a lot of things with its 192 cores GPU Very Happy
So, I have been fascinated by the SOC devices and have been following the Raspberry Pi for a very long time before I finally ordered one. Since most of my work is in the visual art and cinema I thought of a wonderful project. We approached the Serendipity Arts fest to sponsor the project and it was used as an exhibit in their festival too.

I used touchscreens to create kiosk movie watching stations, which would ask a set of questions to the user and based on the answers provided, the system would figure out a list of films that the user would enjoy the most, it was also a method to help them discover new forms and kinds of films, from the technique to story telling. The installation was titles Mirage By The Sea, and was a great piece. We recorded about 500 interactions on the machines over five days.

The project's creative note can be seen here.
I have wired mine into my attic bedroom since the actual light switch is at the bottom of the stairs it sucks turning them off at night and sig a torch to get back into bed. so i setup a webserver and programed a web interface to turn my light on and off.

Im thinking about getting it to turn the power on and off for my 3D printer so when im down stairs and a print is finished i can safely shut everything down.
I mainly use my raspberry pi for media entertainment. Both my raspberry pi 2 and 3 has openlec on it. But i I do have separate memory card for raspbian just in case I needed one. I recently got my interest on midi controller and I am still searching for some tutorial on how to use raspberry pi with the combination of arduino microcontroller to do it.
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