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Breeding Plants at Home?

Is it possible breed plants without greenhouses or large gardens? I was thinking more of having a few pots at the window, or is that not enough?

I don't want to breed something useful, just something that's different from the normal e.g. different colour, different size, different leaf shape or a clover with one leaf.
It's certainly possible, though some will be more work than others. If you have enough light, space, and in some cases, are willing to ensure there is a cold dormant period, drought period or whatever the plant's lifecycle requires, you should be abe to breed several different species.

Something like mother-of-millions will readily bud off, reproducing asexually in the home... cross pollinating flowers however may provide more of a challenge.
Flowering plants will (often) require pollen from another plant to fertilize the eggs so seeds can form. Sometimes it's as simple as loading a cotton swab with pollen from one flower's anthers and poking at the style of another, sometimes it will require something more elaborate.

Basically what I'm saying is that you'll need to look into the life cycle needs of the individual species you intend to breed Wink
Wouldn't asexually reproducing plants be extremely slow to breed?

I'm not sure what changes I can expect. The number of plants will be very limited so I don't think I can expect to get any new interesting mutations within the population. I was thinking that if I use a plant that grows in the wild I could go out and look for plants with interesting traits to bring into the population.
Some are, some aren't. The mother-of-millions, for example, buds extremely fast; along the edge of each leaf it generates several buds that will fall off, each of which is likely to become its own plant. Many others are slower.

Getting interesting mutations in your breeding generally takes some planning, some chance, and lots of time... probably a few generations. Generally, unless you're selecting for traits, more natural selective tendencies (not talking natural selection, just unplanned crossing) will generally conserve the approximate allele frequencies in the population. Having a small parent base will also slow things down, reducing the potential sources of variation.
Yeah, it's possible
Hi all!

About the speed of plant breeding/growing I just would like to remind something that people sometimes forget (including me once in a while). Having a fast growing plant is great... sometimes. But remember that a plant (as all living things) can only grow fast if it as a lot of resources to sustain that fast developing. A fast growing plant is always a much demanding plant in terms of water and nutrients. Slower development can be sometimes boring but there's something good about it too. Once established, the plant is much more "independent" from you. Also, if if you are growing things indoors, which usually means less space, you should take this into account. A fast growing plant may become "unfitable" for indoors sooner. Again, i'm not saying one type is better than the other. I'm just saying we all should think about what the plant needs before what we need, because, believe me, what it need will always overcome you Smile Happy planting!
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