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The OC

Unfortunately I keep missing the OC! I love this show - the past two seasons were amazing - but I'm falling behind. Would anyone be kind enough to catch me up?
Whoa, hold onto your hats as this is about to get interesting!

End of season 2 had the shooting of Trey (Ryan's brother) by Marissa.


So there is a large court hearing in which Marissa is let off for self defense, mostly because they have to believe her and Ryan's side of the story as Trey is still in a coma. Trey then later wakes up and Julie Cooper-Nickel bribes Trey into saying that it was Ryan that shot him to get Marissa off the hook.

Marissa doesn't like this too much and convinces Trey to come clean about the whole thing. He does and then buggers off on some bus to nowhere. Now the problem here is that no one wants Marissa in the school.

Marissa gets expelled, but Ryan is allowed to stay, until he punches the Dean of Disiplaine in the face for trying to remove Marissa from school property. Now both Marissa and Ryan are expelled.

Marissa starts at the public school, where she is hated, and Ryan starts school at home with a tutor.

Summer and Seth are going strong, and the bane of Summer's existence becomes a girl named Taylor Townsend. Taylor has supplanted Marissa's position as Social Chair and is trying to take over the social side of the school in Marissa's absense. This enrages Summer but the tables turn when Summer discovers that Taylor is having an uncooth relationship with the Dean.

The Dean has put a letter on Ryan's transcript so that no college will accept him as he has a history of "pathological violence". Sandy, along with Summer and Seth, use the Taylor/Dean relationship to have the Dean remove the letter from Ryan's transcript.

Meanwhile, Kyrsten meets up with this lady at Rehab (played by Jeri Ryan), who gains Kyrsten's trust and then trys to use her to get money for some bogus investment. Then, realizing that Kyrsten has no money to invest, she then goes after Julie Cooper.

Julie Cooper is in a bad position, looking for a new home (she currently lives in a crappy motel while Marissa is living with Summer). She's got no money because Caleb left her nothing in his will (too many debts) and her ex-husband has run away once again, as he was also in financial trouble. Then she moves into a four-bedroom beachside condo, paid for by Miss Morgan, the "friend" from Rehab.

That pretty much brings you up to Episode 5, Season 3... lot's happens in a few episodes, eh?
The Oc is very funny serie... My favorite char is Seth... A comic Book maniac,dreamer and a love man like me Smile
i Love O.C
Marrisa makes friends with a small group of surfers at the public school. 2guys one of the guys has a girlfriend and the other is kind of a dorky tag-along.
The guy w/ the girl ends up falling for marrisa and they have been spending alot of time togather talking about each others problems and etc... the girlfriend notices this and quikly gets back at him by sleeping with his nemesis the weird pyschoserfer. surfer dude and pyschosurfer get into it and ryan comes to the rescue and decks the pyschodude.
now the guy is obsessed with fighting ryan, ryan tries to not fight with the guy but the guy forces him to get involved when he kidnapps marrisa but this time ryan uses his great mind instead of his fist to fix the situation
meanwhile something seems to be stirring between summer's nemesis taylor townsend and seth cowan. taylor kind of a pyschoweirdo too. nothing has happened yet but she is pushing the buttons

(all while)The Conwoman and Julie Cooper convince Kyrsten to set up a bogus charity (only Kyrsten doesn't know its bogus) and The Conwoman and Julie are supposed to split the profit while the conwoman splits town so the blame can be placed on her so Julie would be in the clear. The conwoman never plans to split the loot with Julie. Anyways, Julie Cooper ends up outsmarting the conwoman and sends her on her way without any money.

also sandy cowan partners with some brilliant business kid straight out of college to try to save the Newport Group. w/ sandy now running the company he is already forced to let go a few employees b/c of the financial situation of the company
I love OC for their Fashion and Parties only... Smile
I Love The OC so much.. it's a wonderful series!

We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
looking out for number 1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
driving down the 101
California here we come
Right back where we started from

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On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing's gonna stop me now
California here we come
Right back where we started from

Pedal to the floor
Thinkin' of the roar
Gotta get us to the show
California here we come
Right back where we started from

here we come

here we come


Who did you like better.......


personally I am and always have been a summer fan. I can't get enough of that girl.

Two weeks ago when it looks as if Summer and Seth were going to have trouble I was freaking out. The first season it was Mr and Mrs Cohen that were the stable rock in the OC

but they are re-building their relationship and Summer and Seth have taken over their role..
Last nights episode made me really happy! Now that we know their college plans, I think that they will be able to make a season 4 work out, as long as it doesnt get cancelled.
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