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the things to do in order to successfully launch a website

Ok......I know it sound stupid....but can anyone give me some suggestions and list down the things to do/consider to successfully launch a dynamic website. like some hints on the planning and designing.

Ok, for the start, i've already got the domain name and a wonderful web hoster -> frihost Very Happy

so what should i do next..... before i can successfully launch my website.

i admit i have been doing programmig for years but never once have i planned the website development myself, so i'm a bit lost. Razz

It'll be great if u guys can share your expereinces with me. Thanks!
frihost Is happy, I like here, therefore I in here, hoped frequently everybody also and
I am same, arrives frequently the forum.
A lot of success in a website depends on who your target audience is. If you want just any random person to give you hits, then there's plenty of services out there to get hits by browsing other webpages or just paying for it. The target audience for my website is mostly the teenage group, so I found one of the most effective methods of getting people to visit is word-of-mouth. If you're known for having a website that has something unique and different, people will spread the word. So the MOST important thing is making your website known. Things like business cards and bumper stickers, people will often times just pick up and may put away for while, but if you have enough of 'em out there, then stuff happens. And if you've got something really good, a website bigger and better than you is going to link you on their page. Then you can say "yeah, I was on (insert name of big webpage here)."
A big factor on making your website succesful is your layout. A cluttered layout and a bad design can turn a user away if they can't find the content that they are looking for.

Make sure you have a soothing color schematic and easy navigation to find content along with good materials for people to view.
launching a site is very very easy, depending on the settings of the server you are on you should have at least one of the following pages contain some sort of presentable html :

index.htm(l), default.htm(l), index.php, index.asp,...

before that of course you should have a good hosting service, but since you can post on this form you already have found that ... and rest asure it is a nice one to have
Yes, like gh0stface had said, you need to have a good designed layout. It will attract viewer's attention. At least that's what happens to me. Once i visit someone's page and they have an amazing layout, i would fall for it and cruise around their site. And another one is that you need to have a good content. It depends what type of website you are planning to make. For example, if you're site is your own personal website, then you must have fun and/or games section for the visitor's to do so they won't get bored.
also i have a tip: if there isnt much on your website and you arent adding dont add a forum unless thats what the site is about. I did once and it just made the site look more empty.

people would just shout hello at each other and say that their rock is better than you rock etc.
cool! thank for the tips guys! Well well....any more tips? Razz
1) LAYOUT - easy navigation, over-all feel of what your site is all about.

2) CONTENT - probably the most important thing since it's the one factor that keeps visitors coming back for more. Update your site often, and watch as you gain more and more frequent visitors. Content is always better than eye-candy.

3) PROMOTION - not really that important in the long run, but it is best to promote your site when it first starts out. Register its url in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, etc. Who knows-- maybe your site ends up #1 result of google searches on your site's field? Smile
*** I actually got #1 on google search results for "urbandub". haha. It's not like it's actually broad or anything special. It's a name for chrissake. lol
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