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ZIP Disks ?

Hey everyone,

I just had a thought about things I do in computers that many people don't do. I feel like I'm alone.

I say that because I'm the only person who I know that uses ZIP disks on a regular basis. I am trying to keep consistant and add ZIP drives into all of my PC's (less than half of my machines have them right now, I plan to get them all with one sometime). I use ZIP250 disks and ZIP100 disks, ZIP100's are the most popular of my collection. I bought the disks cheap from eBay, garage sales, and from the flea market. I do have other methods of saving files to different kinds of media (card readers for flash memory, CD-RW drive, floppy drive, and with my pen drive) but ZIP disks aren't very common as I have seen. I know a few years ago they were in, but what happened to them ?

Am I alone ? Am I the only one that I know that uses ZIP disks ?

- Mike.
Well before we got satelite internet and were stuck on the evil Telus...

We had to ship mapping data, instals, etc. between the states and here. We were considering Zip Drive but manged with CD-R and now can reliably use FTP.
I have a DVD burner - basically I don't use ZIP because the capacity is too low. I have a ZIP drive though...
zip disk aren't really popular i suppose, especially when you have to buy another device for a small storage compared to cheaper cd-r/cd-rw. For stuffs that you need to update or backup frequently, a external harddisk would work great for large backup files, or just using internet storage for small files.
I think cheap CD/RWs, home networks, and, more recently, USB flash drives were the death of the zip drive.

CD burners are standard on pretty much every new PC and media can be had for 12 cents a disc

Home networks pretty much eliminate the need for sneaker-netting any data around your house

USB flash drives can be several times the capacity of even a ZIP250, have no moving parts, fit easily in your pocket or on your keychain, have mush higher transfer rates, and are coming down in price all the time (about $50 a GB right now)
You also might want to look at rar - its a slightly better compression and lets you specify the volume size, and zip the individual files to your hard drive, so you can copy them to disk later.
I thought so. I thought I would be one of the only people here who uses them still. I think it's the cost of the disks and the drives that cause people not to use them. I seen in a bunch of stores that the price on the disks is incredibly high (I think it's like $10 for a 100MB ZIP Disk) and probably about $70.00 for a external USB ZIP Drive. I got better deals buying them second-hand on eBay, from Flea Markets, and from Thrift Stores compared to buying new. I understand they have a lot of new methods for storage, but still, 100MB, 250MB, and 750MB is still quite a lot of storage space these days. You can stuff a lot of documents onto a disk. And I've got probably well over 25 of them lying around here. One thing I like about them is that they're re-writable, like floppy disks and CD-RW's, but it's hard since I use CD-R's all the time since I don't feel like paying more for CD-RW's.

- Mike.
Couple good things about zip disks

1) The disk lying on your desk reminds your to backup
2) The ZIP software that came with older models with 1step backup is very easy to use and does the job.

The bad thing:
They are on site backups. You need to remember to take copies away from your house in case of fire or flood.
They have been overtaken by CDR's (cheaper, faster, bigger) and few now bother with them.
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the disk is write protected.
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