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Create a desktop environment for Linux

Dear Everyone on Frihost,

Does anyone know how to create a desktop environment for Linux?

Your Regards,
Haven't done it, but it used to be a pretty common thing to do, back before GNOME and KDE started to dominate. It's actually not a very demanding thing to do so long as you're not designing the tools from scratch. Obviously, you'll need a window manager. Beyond that, depending on how you're designing it, you'll probably need a desktop manager, a session manager, and perhaps some toolbars.
Well, if you are talking about customizing your own desktop environment by using a basic window manager and associated software components, first you have to decide what sort of window manager you want to use. Do you want a tiling WM, or do you like to use your mouse to drag and resize windows all day long (more common)? Do a web search for "linux window managers" and see what pops up. The choices are mindboggling.

Lately I've been using Xmonad, which is a tiling window manager, but I have also configured desktops with Openbox, Fluxbox, and others. Of those two I'd say Openbox is my favorite, because it feels a bit lighter and just seems easier to theme for some reason. However, Fluxbox has a build in panel, while in Openbox you have to install one yourself if you want one. If you do, I think tint2 is a good choice.

As for how to get it all set up, that would depend on what distribution you are running. My favorite, Slackware, ships with several desktop environments (XFCE, KDE) and window managers (Fluxbox, WindowMaker, Blackbox, etc.) already included, and you choose which one you want to use during setup. Then, the configuration is up to you.

However, the packages for these environments can be manually installed in any distribution. Just follow the protocol for whatever Linux you are using.

If you choose to configure Openbox, here is what I think is the most useful and definitive guide out there (and I have looked):

Since before configuration Openbox starts out as just as a completely black screen, I think it is important to have some sort of guide to follow at first. This one assumes an Ubuntu installation, but you can adapt it to whatever distro you are using, provided you know how to install software. Wink

Good luck.
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