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Da Vinci Code

... is the greatest book ever. Seriously, national treasure was a shit compared to the book. Has anyone read it? I cant wait for the movie to come out.

The plot is all extrememly well done, the clues are insanely intertwined, the characters are great. Its just an awesome book!!!
I read the book.

The best book i have ever read!!!


So exciting and thrilling!

Very nice story and characters!

read it when it first came out, it's aite
Yes, there is a fantastic plot.
What really let it down for me was the lack of character development.
Sometimes that Langdon chap is just too good to be true.
But captivating, nonetheless.
Its a good work of FICTION Smile
Most of the stuff that he ( Dan Brown) states as FACT is just not true.
The Priory of Sion has never existed ...

But some of the other stuf is true.
The Internet(Arpanet) was invented in Europe and not in America by George W Bush Smile

Twisted Evil
For me, i haven't read it yet... but it is as controversial as it is popular. From reviews of it that i have read, it is 1 of the best if not really the best written work there is...
mmm... i don't believe in books like this... that i'll don't read i think...
It is a good book. I enjoyed it purely for the story, not sure about the factual/technical/historical value. But a good book nonetheless.

There's a movie coming out in about a year. You can watch the teaser trailer at
I just read a few chapters of it.. uhmm.... i think im until chapter 4.. i read all posts here!.. most have positive comments.. well, i can't wait to finish reading it until the last page of the book!!!... Idea
I read alot of positive comments at Amazon. I can't wait to get this book Smile
i want the new arry potta book Sad
I actually haven't read the book, but from the good review here, I will most definately have to go and check it out and see if it is worth all of the hype.
I heard to say that it is very good!

Very Happy
I just viewed the teaser trailer from its website.. kinda short! lolz.. But anyway, My fave Tom Hanks is in the cast... yehey!, ill definitely watch it in theater for sure..

Showing May 19 2006, worldwide! Wink
At first I though it was a fantastic book! I really enjoyed it, like I have never done with a book before! I even did some extra search on the 'net to find out more about the so called 'facts'... I fast turned out that it was mostly rubbish, and as somebody els pointed out, the Priority of Sion never really existed.

Also, the guy whom the author claims should be Mary Magdalena doesn't look like a woman, though that is one of the 'cornerstone' in the story.

So, one day my dad brought home the first book in the series called Angles & Demons (or maybe the other way around), and it became clear that both books were written after a model; the storyline was fairly similar and the structure was almost identical (i.e. the way he end every chapter). As I have understood he use this model for every book he has written.

Bottom line: While the book is great it is not to be trusted. What he claim is facts really isn't. This is the biggest con of the book. One book is sufficient -- the other books by Mr. Brown is basically the same. Not worth it, in my honest opinion.

Good reading!

BTW: This side contains lots of info on what is to be trusted in Brown's work.
grrr, why can't he start a new chapter on a new page?!?!?!

if he was doing an exam he could lose points for that!!!!

I heard that ~"the internet" was american but the "world wide web" was made in Cern (it does exist, along with that massive particle accelerator and they are making antimatter). The web is not = the internet. The web is one of the many things that you can use the internet for such as e-mail and chat.

maybe i have got my facts wrong? the Aparthanet?
Now I am reading.
I will write about this book later.
Hmm..DaVinci code huh?
Well try and DECODE this:
4 15 ph0r 4pp|3
B 15 ph0r b0y
C 15 ph0r c47
D 15 ph0r d34d
3 15 ph0 3n73r741nm3n7
ph 15 <!c3n50r3d!> ypu
ip008 wrote:
... is the greatest book ever. Seriously, national treasure was a shit compared to the book. Has anyone read it? I cant wait for the movie to come out.

The plot is all extrememly well done, the clues are insanely intertwined, the characters are great. Its just an awesome book!!!

this is probably one of the most intelligent books i have ever read
One of the finest mysteries I've ever read, an amazing tale with enigma piled on secrets stacked on riddles, but I don't satisfied the end.
its good movie. i like it
niedziel wrote:
its good movie. i like it

movie?????? Question
When I've finished with the series I'm reading now (The Tamuli) I'm defenitly having a go at this one Smile
Quite good book Very Happy

Not realistic, or true, but it's well reading...

Have anyone read suplement for DV code?

"I'm a cop and you will respect my authority" Twisted Evil
It is rather a good book. There is a lot of suspence in it. You can almost don't stop reading untill you have finished the book.
But when you compare it to "The Bernini-mysterie", it's almost exactly the same:
'Langdon who is called to solve a murder and who has to undertake a quest to find the killer.'
Brown is an excellent author, but I think he lacks some inspiration sometimes.
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