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Windows, Mac, or Linux?

What is your primary OS?
 41%  [ 14 ]
 52%  [ 18 ]
 5%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 34

Kyle Katarn
I don't know if this has been here before or not, but here it is. Vote!!
Im using both linux and windows, but prefer linux.
I like linux very much,Because winxp need so many money! Laughing Laughing Laughing
I use Windows...but I prefer Linux. I have installed SuSE Linux 9.3
I use in my work PC windows because it's a company laptop, but at home a have Linux and windows in my desktop. The windows it's there just for those work related things that are done with windows specific applications, like MsOffice stuff.

I like Linux because of the hole concept and by the sense of control that you have over the OS. I have the felling that you can do what ever you want with it, and you really can!

That Linus really had a great idea Smile
I prefer windows because almost everything is made for windows and it is the norm. Also I get windows for free because I have MSDNAA at my school for my program.
dcshoes23 wrote:
I prefer windows because almost everything is made for windows and it is the norm.

My friend ! - thats why you should looking for something new.

The reason you dealing only with Windows is because you never tries better O/S.

Try Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 5.10.

U can get Ubuntu Live-cd (no HD installation required) here:

Here I'm playing with WinXp on my Linux machine:

Full size is here:
I use Windows but prefer LInux and love Mac
I use linux. Kubuntu 5.10, Debian and lately Gentoo. I love Gentoo! Why use linux? Not because it's better, or easier. But because it is one of the last freedoms we have, every time you think about it , it will warm your hart. It will change youre life. You will literaly realize what a prizon microsoft windows is. Ditch Windows, Smile, and be happy!

Lawrenc Shafer
VicTor , you are using VMware for creting the virtual machine in LInux for Windows run on?
wat ever i feel linux is good best on the way and most of the website is also hosted in linux
i have windows and linux but i use windows mostly because it has better games Very Happy

although at the moment its crashing so much theyre barely worth playing
I use Ubuntu linux - or DSL when I need to.
But Windows on my main computer.
i use linux mandriva on my laptop, windows on pc, and OS X tiger on my powerbook and powermac
linux is most configurable system so he is on my first place, second os x and windows i great os, but with lot of bugs which you cant fix without their service packs or security updates
i have windows and linux (mandriva 06) Smile
i have suse 10 and windows, but windows has all the games and programs. but it has reached my ears (is that good english?) that it is possible to play windows games with a free version of Wine. Does some know how?
Actually windows is the best OS now. But, many non-windows people attack them with virus,etc.

Linux seem to be a virus-free OS, but remember, who want to attack LINUX?

But, I prefer to use Linux (Ubuntu) because of freedom that I get
Lunix is good for me,
becuase it is more cheaper Laughing
I currently use Mac OS X v10.4.3 "Tiger". I'm never going back to windoze. Linux is great, but still too frustrating. Windoze is just a pain.
Electrfunch wrote:
VicTor , you are using VMware for creting the virtual machine in LInux for Windows run on?


I am using Qemu emulator.

QEMU emulates a full system, including aprocessor and various peripherials. It enables easier testing and debugging of system code.
It can also be used to provide virtual hosting of several virtual PC on a single server.

Looking for Installation guide ? look here:
Definitely Mac OS. But I would have to support OS9. OS X has too many bugs in it to make me happy. They are starting to go the way of the Windows...
i like MAC... but in real time i use Windows... i guyess linux is bit too tough for normal day to day work...
I use Windows.
It was innstalled on my computer when I got it,
and I don't wanna unstall it...

But anyways one of my uncles uses Linux,
but it looks a bit hard to understand.
Anyways, I think that Microsoft does what they has to do!

By the way, many others means that Microsoft sucks (am I right?)
I think its a good system.
but, it has some (for not to say many) bugs Sad

But, its the same, I use Windows, sometimes Mac (we have one).
But, Mac is not in Norwegian (not the one we got Very Happy )

Well, well, I use Windows
I use Windows since I have PC.
Actually I never had a chance to use MAC or Linux, but I'd like to try them in the future.
What a question!!! Anyone who votes for Window$ has not used Linux.
Linux RULES!!! I run both Linux and Window$ in a computer. Once I used Linux for the first time, when I went back to Window$, I thought: "This is SHI..!" It was slower, old-looking...
When you install Linux (I did install SUSE Linux, Novell's distro) you get:
- An office suite (OpenOffice.Org)
- Graphics and drawing software (The Gimp...)
- Mozilla's software
- Many othe Open Source Software
While, when you install Window$ you get:
- Notepad
- Paint
- Internet Explorer
- ???
Believe me, Linux is much better!
Windows XP
With the ease of use,high no of software available i have never felt the need to switch to linux
I really couln't think to use windows again.
I'm using linux most of the time, and sometimes macosx. I like mac too, but I feel less free on it, because I'm more used to linux, it's so powerfull.
I'm glad there are many linux advocates here Smile

What is your favorite distribution ? Mine is Debian
gnu/Linux rulez my desktop for last 6 years. Usually use RH based distros. Currently Fedora Core 5.
Confused im not too sure which i like more right now, windows has all the compatiblity and visual styles that r most appealing, but i think i like linux for 2 main reasons, the fact of its SIZE, most windows O/s are @ leat 800MB, and just have a basic OS, i love it how most linux distros include all the big programs ud need, eg webdisign, word prossessing, graphics, sound production etc..., all from the main install. and still not taking up that much space, altho for most noob's to linux getting ur head around the "code" since almost no-one these days has herd of "DOS" or has used it, so the concept of manualy typing ur installs is what i think throws alot of ppl off it, so for now, i like #1 SuSE 10.0, #2 Ubuntu 5.10, #3 Windows 98SE, #4 Windows 2K Razz
on which computer?
Win XP is really very reliable.

All my problems went away when I started using NTSF like MS recommends instead of FAT32, and also installed a battery backup/power stabaliser.
I use Linux mostly, but Windows for one thing, most games....
Though Linux's Wine is very good now, it has some issues with games still. Once the games part is covered, goodbye windows forever and hello linux for good!
windows disgusts me!!
u windows users r too used to it man
get out there and try linux and mac!!!
ooo lovely linux and mac!
ooo farkin microshit wincrap!

o my god windows sucks so much ass!!

windows is made of stolen software from people (also apple). then microshit glue those softwares together with faeces!!
it's fact, except for the faeces bit.

watch "pirates of silicon valley"
u want to play games?????
u dont need windoze!!! u have enough FPS!!

go get yourself a console!!!
ps3 sounds good, no?
it will kick your Pc's arse anyday
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