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Restart computer in DOS

Is there any programs that can be executed in DOS to restart computer?
I've been told that there is a file named in Windows 98 installation CD, anybody has that file?
You don't need anything special. The necessary command should be available in all windows.

If you are in a real DOS session (you started the computer in command line mode) almost sure just typing:

followed by enter should restart the computer.

If you are in a command line session inside a window or if you want more control on what to do on the restart then you can use the shutdown command because exit will only close the window in this case.
for dos in windows xp and above, you can run shutdown /r.

for vista and above, you need to run dos as administrator.

for dos before windows 95, there is no built in command, but you can search the Internet because i remember there are dozens of it floating around. i used the one from norton utilities 8.

you can also press ctrl+alt+del to reboot.

for dos in windows 95 to me there are 2 kind of DOS. the real DOS berfore windows start, and the command prompt inside windows. there is no built in command, and you should never reboot while you run DOS under windows. but if you run the DOS without starting windows, the same rules apply as DOS before windows 95, just use 3rd party program or press ctrl+alt+del.

never heard of restart.exe. maybe it's there, but who need them? use start menu to restart, or if you already in DOS prompt (after you exit windows 9Cool, just press the reset button on you PC.
Ctrl + Alt + Del worked for me!
Yupe, CTRL + ALT + DEL is mainly a shortcut for rebooting is dos systems
if the OP is talking about an actual MS-DOS installation ( PRE Windows ) then CTRL+ALT+DEL will do the trick.

otherwise it will the the "shutdown" command.

at work we've got several virtual test machines where users are only able to log off via the start menu.
in case the machine needs a reboot I usually use the command "shutdown /r /t 0"

this can be done in both the cmd prompt window as with the "Run" window
"Exit" command is the safest unless you are in a real MSDOS session (no windows). That takes you back into Windows where you can shutdown the computer properly.

If you want directly to ask the computer to shutdown in an MSDOS shell I thought the shutdown command would be the way to proceed but it seems Windows 9x installations (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME) didn't had still the shutdown command included.

The way to order the computer to shutdown on those systems were by directly invoking the rundll32 library:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx n

where n is one of
0 - logoff
1 - shutdown
2 - reboot
4 - force
8 - poweroff

That command is not easy to remember but it is very easy to create a batch file called reboot with the neccesary command for reboot. I recall on those days I had made an icon to invoke the shutdown with one click without opening the start menu. This is a safe method too because if you have any document opened that need to be saved you are going to be warned before the restart or shutdown takes effect.

And when you are in a real MSDOS Session and as MSDOS is a single task Operating System the way to restart the computer is by just clicking the computer reset button (many times is just the computer power button).

The Ctrl+Alt+Del is a handy keyboard shortcut too that in the case of real MSDOS mode does the same as the reset button.
You will have to boot your computer with a boot disk.
For me, I've been using Hiren's Boot Disk which allows me to boot my computer in dos and do more tweaks. It also includes utilities
you need a boot disc it may be win 98 so that you can boot in dos prompt
You can also use a linux boot disc like Ubuntu so that you could easily navigate on your files. You don't need to install linux anway
yes with the shortcut key of CTRL + ALT + DEL you can restart your computer very easily.
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