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Sherlock TV Series

I started watching the TV series, Sherlock from BBC and it seems pretty cool. It portrays a modern day version of Sherlock, Watson, and other characters from the original literary works. Do you also watch it?
I have watched all the episodes that have been aired so far. When is the next season coming? I can't wait!
Thank you for reminding me about this show! I'd seen a few episodes and I was pretty interested in it but then I got a little busy and I just didn't have time to sit down and watch it.
Waiting for another season
great series
3rd season could be coming soon:
I'm a huge fan of this series. Its very well written and intelligent and stands on its own. I can say that because I haven't read any of the Sherlock Holmes books and I was still able to enjoy the series. As for the third season... Well, we people from tumblr are waiting for it since forever and we're happy because they started filming season 3 last month. Finally. So I can't tell when it will air, but I can say that tis a lot earlier than what we were expecting haha!

Can't wait for the next season. Sad Such a large gap between seasons.
The large gap is okay - it mirrors the length of time - three years - in which Arthur Conan Doyle had to be convinced to bring back Sherlock Holmes! After the spoiler events at the end of the second season.
I think the series is great. I've been a Sherlock Holmes fan for the longest time, and I've read nearly all of the books. I haven't seen too many movies and TV series of the series though, even though I want to. I think the actors that play the show are really great and embody the characteristics of the show.
This is such a good show. Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as Sherlock Holmes; he's really made the character his own. I can't wait for the next season, and I hope that it will be a bit longer than the first two.

I do get annoyed a bit at the show's handling of technology sometimes, though. High-ranking officials don't follow good password practices? (Actually, that one's fairly believable...) Or "A few lines of computer code to crack all the encryption in the world"? Come on! It takes away from the immersion a bit. But that's just a small gripe.
To me the Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV series) is the best.

Jeremy Brett plays the role of Holmes and David Burke plays the role of Dr. Watson.
Watch the prequel to the third season now, it was published by BBC

Blummer wrote:
Watch the prequel to the third season now, it was published by BBC

Saw it! I can't believe this is really happening! Awesome news, usually I hate January the 1st. Very Happy
Blummer wrote:
Watch the prequel to the third season now, it was published by BBC

Thanks for the information.
Just now i watched it.Very nice.
Eagerly waiting for the first episode.
I am happy that Sherlock is back!! Very Happy
I've started watching it a few months back, and I was definitely hooked into it. I saw the trailer for the new season, and I'm excited to see the new season. The big thing that I'm looking forward to is seeing how they plan to resolve the cliffhanger ending at the end of the last season. Trying not to get too much into spoilers, but honestly, it's such a big thing that few people don't know about it. If you've read the books, you know what's coming, but it's still a shocker to see how they went about doing it since it takes place in modern times.

I also love the actors and how they portray their respective characters. Sherlock is the perfect combination of social awkwardness and intelluctual genius and Moriarty is a brilliant representation of the villian in the books. I like how he's not all there in the head and can still play toe to toe with SHerlock.
Anyone here saw the episode yet? I watched it yesterday and I still can't believe it! Don't worry. I'll keep this spoiler free. Very Happy

Basically I was very surprised (in a pleasant way) and at times I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. I was doing both in some scenes. I loved Mary. I already know who's behind the last mystery. And I love Sherlock's newfound sense of humor (though I do know he's a little broke and that's the way he's concealing his pain). All in all, is awesome to have the show back!
Finally, I watched the first episode of S3. Laughed so much. And the last shot. Ha ha! Laughing I just love it. Applause
tha's definite one of my favorites now, a very entertaining show, I liked the episode of the wedding, quite funny with a sadness final touch..
Mrs_Robota wrote:
tha's definite one of my favorites now, a very entertaining show, I liked the episode of the wedding, quite funny with a sadness final touch..

I'm already waiting a heartbreaking last episode. Moffat and Gatiss said that they already planned the whole 4th season. Hope I won't wait 10 years until that...
for say the truth I am dissapointed of the last episode... was a bit forced, don't you think?...
The recent episodes (Season 3) has gotten a little funnier. I also in this season I just noticed on every introduction scene before the title, the name "Baker Street" is always mentioned.
I watched an episode for the first time last night,Sherlock seems similar in personality to Doctor Who,not surprising really as Moffat wrote both I suppose,but at times it feels like you are watching the same character,only without the time travel.
Aaah, episode 3 was just mindblowing and the ending of it... Shocked
What a great series!!!!
Blummer wrote:
Aaah, episode 3 was just mindblowing and the ending of it... Shocked

Yeah that was shocking. I would be cool to talk about it but that might spoil those who haven't watched it yet
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