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Your favorite tourist place to visit again?

Sometimes we like some places very much even we want to visit once again. Do you have such favorite tourist place for your visit once again?
Well, I've only been to two places: New Orleans and Chicago. I actually did enjoy New Orleans quite a bit. It was pretty hot during the day when we went outside (band trip in April) but the nights got pretty cold. If I had to go again I'd make sure I had a sweater on hand for the evenings. My favourite part about that trip would have been the street performers. I'm not sure what they called themselves but I remember two of the performers standing on either side with about 10-15 random tourists (the number could be exaggerated, I was pretty young) and they all leaned forward as another performer took a good run at the line and jumped over them. It was insane and the guy just sailed over the line of people. It happened so fast but at the same time it was in slow-motion. I would love to see that again...
hi guys.. i saw the topic and wanna add somethng which i need to say i thng Smile

Like 10 years im working tourism in Turkey and some families i know they come to Turkey everyyear ..
if you never see the Turkey u need to .. why i say like this because if i know tourists which came before 10 years and still coming to Turkey for holiday as a family it means its the good pleaces to relaxing.. and in Turkey you have many chooses for holiday.. we have many kind of tourism..

for summer, healty holiday ( the hospitals cheaper than all of the european countires ) , historical tourism ( we have 87 cities in TURKEY and all of them have another story from history ) , Golf Tourism in Antalya BELEK ( They open the most biggest golf places in BELEK in ANTALYA ) , and mountaineering tourism ( They make tours to mountains east of the TURKEY ) this is what i know maybe they have another variations of Tourism which s still i dont know.. anyway if u wanna try it we have many websites u can search them on search engines and u can see ..

sorry for my english if i have mistakes Smile see yaa
im glad the be with u after u years Smile
While I hate tourists, especially when I have to be one, I am pretty good at blending in, either way my number 1 favorite place so far in the entire world would have to be the undeveloped island nation of Dominica. People are so laid back and chill (probably from so much ganja). But the environment is so pristine, and beautiful. SO many places to explore, even on such a tiny island! Of course it's also pretty cool, because a bunch of scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where filmed there, and many of the props left behind!
talibhsn wrote:
Sometimes we like some places very much even we want to visit once again. Do you have such favorite tourist place for your visit once again?

I wanted to visit siargao island in the Philippines and Coron Palawan for its beautiful beaches and food.. Actually, I am just here in the Philippines but I wanted to visit my own Place but due to heavey and budget i dont have time yet.

I hope i can visit this year with too much to bring and spent. lol
you should try going to Bali island.. very beautiful.
you wont regret it Very Happy

and Macau is also good place for visiting
I like the Philippines too. I have visited Manila and Cebu and Davao and spent most of my time in Davao mainly because that is where my wife is from. I enjoy the big shopping malls there and the cheap prices and enjoy eating out there or having coffee. I can sit and just watch the people walking past for hours and always get lots of hellos and smiles because the people are very friendly. Some of the shops are interesting to browse in to. I especially like the second hand book shops because you can find interesting books on almost any subject and usually very cheap.
Rajasthan is the best place to visit in Winters. There are many historical places, forts, palaces in Rajasthan, India. History makes Rajasthan so special. In Rajasthan- Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jaipur etc these all are awesome places to visit. It presents a perfect combination of natural beauty, old culture.
If you are looking for a place with natural beauty, I think you will love Nepal. It is especially great for adventure sport enthusiasts. Rafting, trekking and bungee jumping are the most popular ones.

Here's a nice view from the top of a hill at Shivapuri National Park near Kathmandu.

lviv - ukraine. So beautiful place!
Would love to visit Orange Beach again and again.A luxury Gulf Shores resort destination, condo rentals feature breathtaking panoramic views from your private balcony, well-equipped kitchens, luxurious master baths with oversized whirlpool tubs, separate glass enclosed showers, double vanities, walk-in closets and so much more.
Antalya - Turkye Smile
I travel a lot with my family and with my friends all over the world some of the places are very beautiful
but the most beautiful place for my point of view Florida because there would be every thing for enjoy Disney land,
beaches , food etc every thing is to perfect there ,Malaysia is also a beautiful place to visit.
I love to visit with my family , i visit Montgomery(Alabama) one and half year ago ... had a lot of memories and movement with my family in that city . and if i get a chance love to visit again that city
My favorite place to visit again is to Florida , Disneyland ,Sidney and Swizerland
I like travel so much...i travel lot with my family and with friends..some places are most beautiful in all
all over the world ...Florida is best place to visit with family because there are many beautiful beaches. Florida is place of beaches.
My favorite place is Georgia.....i would like to visit there again and again....Georgia is fantastic place for spend the holidays with family..There are lot of things are to do..
We visited Grant Oak Manor in the last month. We were 2 famailies together with 2 children. While journeying through the heavy woodlands of Binsar haven, you will not even get a glance of this resort
As everyone knows; first impression is the last impression. Two months ago I use to visit Hoover Dam with my friends. This was the "Best of the Best" Hoover Dam Tour. This tour was the excellent opportunities throughout to take amazing photos, and I really enjoyed seeing this incredible structure and the story of how it was built. Hoover Dam's first impression was Awesome and I think I would like to visit it again but this time I will prefer to visit it with my family.
I want to see again Nigarafall,So beautiful place.Natural beauty is there.I love to go again there.There are lots of things to see and lots of enjoyment.
I really liked Dubai. I would definitely love to go there again. It's never boring.
You can swim and ski in the same day.
Who loves shopping, be sure to go during the shopping festival.
Greece is amazing. Especially the island. I was in Rhodes and Skiathos. Before I get back to them, first I will try to check some others.
For me it's Palawan. The best in my own opinion.

I love mecca in saudi arabia the place that we can have a good spiritual experience. If you want to get close with god, mecca is one of the best place. But you have to be a muslim if you want to go there since mecca is a holy place.
I always been reluctant to travels... I am bored by organizing, coordinating, planning such events.
Hopefully I do have a wife who loves this Smile .

Among all locations I've been traveling to for business or leisure, there are 2 I'd like to travel back.

The first, most beautiful and restful was Bali island. We've been there once with a local tour operator named Bali Tradition and they organized a full island tour during 17 days which was astonishing crossing all landscapes you could imagine. This was paradise on earth.

The 2nd was the South West US where she organized a round trip from LA down to California South, Arizona, Nevada (Las Vegas), Utah, Nevada (North), California (Frisco),...
This was the widest fields I crossed and frankly, Death Valley entrance was scary but wonderful. You'll never see this elsewhere except perhaps in the large areas in Middle East. We'll do this again once riding a Harley Davidson bike for sure.
Panama City Beach Resort is the place which i wanna to visit again. Beaches are so beautiful here.
Gulf shore condos are the one of mine favourite places to visit. It is a great destination for fun on Alabama's beautiful Gulf Coast you feel amazed
I would like to go back to Spain, along the Camino de Santiago:
My favourite places are florida,newzeland.
I would love to visit again panama beach city as there are various attracting spots .
I love the area around Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The views of the mountain are truly breathtaking. Clearwater Beach Florida is my all time favorite place to be. I love how the beach is so clear. You can see the bottom. I love the dolphin shows as well.
I would love to visit florida again as Clearwater Beach Florida is my all time favorite place to be. I love how the beach is so clear. You can see the bottom. I love the dolphin shows as well.
I would like to go again US and Paris
I would like to visit New York again.
It is a very big city and the last time I visited New York I was there only for a couple of days.
I like to visit again Nigara fall in Canada. I can't express its beauty in words.

my favorite place is Alabama.I love to visit here again and again.
Sierra Leone, West Africa. I cannot wait to go back there. I lived and worked there for the vast majority of 2013 and up until September 2014 (about a year and a half) but I lost my job when the company shut down because of the current Ebola outbreak. Being out of work, I returned to the U.S. to work. I really want to travel back and visit my friends and adopted Sierra Leonean family. Living there was the best 1.5 years of my life and I am so sad about the situation there and about being back. I would have spent many years there if the circumstances had been different. The people there are so friendly and nice. Travel to West Africa for the people.
talibhsn wrote:
Sometimes we like some places very much even we want to visit once again. Do you have such favorite tourist place for your visit once again?

There are several places where I have been to more than 1 time - being India, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. I guess the point for me is to visit a country where there are many things to see. And that is definitely the case with those countries.
On top of that, I like getting in touch with locals. And especially with Vietnam that was the case where I made some friends during my visit. So yes, those places are definitely worth visiting again.
India is a country with many regional differences and with different culture. So many UNESCO world heritage sites, and for the right reasons.
And Thailand is another place where food is excellent, people are friendly and there are lots of things to see.
Well, so much for dreaming about going on vacation. Now I have to take care of my Vietnamese friend who visited me in Hamburg and surroundings for 2 weeks...
For me it's Barcelona. I was there only for one day, but I loved it so much there that I need to come there again.

I wouldn't want to live there though, as learning Spanish AND Catalan would probably be a real pain in the buttocks.
India, for sure. And, in Europe - Firenza
I visited Panama City Beach in Florida last year and it was my best vacation where I would like to visit again. The city has wonderful weather and various sight seeing places. The city is also rich in its art, culture and night life where you can explore many things.
I would have to say Positano, Italy. When I visited for the first time, I had booked a hotel for 1 night only, however stayed for 3. It is simply beautiful. I loved the food, the people, the views. Renting a Vespa and driving along the twisty roads, mountains on one side, sea on the other.
My favorite place at winter is Tyrol - Austria! I love skiing and the mountains of Austria!
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