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Which business requires relatively small investment?

If anyone wants to start his/her own business but has limited financial resources. So you will recommend which business which needs small investment but success chance is relatively high?
A way is to create a professional informative blog that is free and use AdSense so that advertisments would appear on your website or blog and you would earn money. In fact, you do not even need to even pay any money as AdSense is free. But a big disadvantage is that you would earn very little with this way so it is almost impossible to make a living out od this unless your website is very very popular.

Income is also unstable as the payout rate may change from time to time and you would need other sources of income to complement this method of earning money. Too many advertisments would also make your website less appealing.I hope this helps you and good luck. Other members would probably give out ideas to earn money through the Internet as well. Passion is important.
In my opinion with small financial resources, forex trading is the best business. There are plenty of chances to get profit with small capital in Forex trading.
talibhsn wrote:
If anyone wants to start his/her own business but has limited financial resources. So you will recommend which business which needs small investment but success chance is relatively high?

A mobile business might do well. A large part of the initial investment in a business is likely the land/building it's in. You can avoid that by having a business that doesn't need a building.

Lawn/landscape care: you just need a truck and tools
Vending: food, drink or ice cream vending out of a truck only requires the purchase of the truck
Hauling: A small, independent hauling company can work, and you only need a heavy truck to get started
Home maintenance: plumbing, electrician, handyman, et cetera... you just need transportation and tools
I would say a service business. In my case, Engineering. Computer repair or programming or build an app.
Write a book and self-publish.
Any business that requires equipment or building space, consider leasing to reduce start up cost.
Grow organic food and sell at open markets. If you do not have land try buying food from producers. Look for a sources of chemical and pesticide free food then make a product. Sell as home produced goods. I understand that gluten free products are in demand now and are selling for a good return of investment.
I am surprised not to read comments that indicate the basis of everyday life: Eating, having a roof, water, energy ... out of these basics .. millions of activities are set up everyday.
From the Fruit juice to the night safety light plugged in the socket .. (Imported from China) a lot of small almost No capital jobs are available.
I shall come up with ideas... if you wish!...
I would go for telecommunications sector, there are plenty of opportunities - virtual offices and etc.
haley23 wrote:
The small investment are recommended to be invested with bank. As bank provide secure investment but small returns.

Only banks get more profit on your money.
Internet based business can be quite easy to start, providing you have a good product to sale and some knowledge about maketing.
Affiliate Marketing would be a good way.
These are the 3 services I've tried, with some success. I've run into some marketing difficulties with all of them, but that's another subject. I think you can get started in any of these with a fairly minimal investment. But, if you don't have a truck, that will ad more expense to 2 of them.

1. Lawn Service

Out of all 3 of these service businesses, I think this is my favorite. I have the most experience with this one, and I've made the most money with it. I think one reason for this is that your regular customers should bring you repeat business every week or two.

If you already have a truck, you may only need a mower, string trimmer, and blower. If you have the budget, I would be selective about what kind of equipment you purchase however. So, while you could get the cheapest mower and weed trimmer, you will probably have problems with them breaking down shortly, and it will probably take you longer to do the jobs. You could probably sweep, but that will also take much longer than blowing. Unless you need to mow really large lawns, you should be able to start with a 20" mower, and a small truck is pretty capable for hauling the equipment around.

You can probably save on marketing by passing out your own flyers, or possibly putting up some signs. I've primarily used these 2 methods to get business. It may take a lot of flyers, but it cuts down on your starting costs.

2. Computer Repair Service

I'm still working on this one. I am not certain it is a good business to start with little investment. I've had an especially difficult time getting customers for this. There are quite a few customers for virus removal, but this can be difficult and time consuming, so it's hard to decide what to charge the customer. It would be better if you had your own shop for this, so you could be running scans and other tools, re-installing Windows, while you are working on other things. Otherwise, you may spend several hours at the customer's location. Another problem with viruses is if the customer has a severe infection and needs a Windows re-install, I've found they usually don't have the install disk anymore. Fortunately some computers have a factory restore partition, but if they don't then the customer also has to either buy another copy of Windows or wait for you to order an install disk.

Maybe it gets off to a slow start, because hopefully customers don't need computer repairs every week, but this could be overcome with good marketing ideas. I'm still trying. If you can get the customers, you really don't need to have too much equipment, so it could be a low cost start; although there are disadvantages to not having a shop, you should be able to compete on price.

3. Furniture Delivery

I tried this simply because I had a truck and I was thinking of something else I could do, since I didn't have very many lawn customers. I've had some success just advertising this on CraigsList. I only have a small truck, but it's good for people who want to move a couch, a mattress, or a few small pieces of furniture. I wouldn't advise doing anything much bigger than that though, unless you're going to charge them by the hour, because I've found it's almost impossible for me to estimate moving even a small apartment. There are too many factors, and you won't know how many trips it is going to take with a small truck. I haven't really done marketing for this one except Craigslist, and results are very sporadic, but I would say there's definitely potential there, if you stick to small jobs.
ronii wrote:
In my opinion with small financial resources, forex trading is the best business. There are plenty of chances to get profit with small capital in Forex trading.

Agreed heartily
one word: FOOD

everyday we eat, and everyday we spend money on food. why not build food company, first start without capital would be cook good meal for delivery
there are so many ideas but i think start up is the most difficult.

I suggest what you love to do but i takes time and invest more time on it.
I am surprised that no one has mentioned network marketing - Network marketing is the one business format that has created more millionaires in the last 30 years than any other business platform. Traditional business has an 87% failure rate and people that start traditional businesses typically have to work at all aspects of the business - Accounting, book keeping, payroll, advertising, marketing, engineering, maintenance, production, etc. Typically some of these areas in traditional business suffer as the people starting a traditional business do not know how to do all of these jobs. Invest is high at least in the 10K or more range, some of them up in the million dollar range. So a traditional business has a lot of work involved with a start up, a high initial investment, and a very high failure rate.

Network Marketing offers an incredible Return On Investment (ROI) it offers a residual income as well. No where else can you get into a business for less than $1000.00 in many cases less than $500.00 and have the potential to earn millions. With proper training and mentoring - skills are easy to master, and easy to teach, with the same amount of time invested to gain certifications or continuing education (1 to 2 years) a person can build an impressive income and continue to work until they have an income that dwarfs many executives in charge of small to medium businesses.

Typical response to network marketing is that it is a scam, or a pyramid scheme - These are legitimate companies with fantastic products that are legal and have approved pay plans. Downside to the business is typically people are signed up and offered no support or training!

Over 70% of the sales reps are able to earn a decent income and about 2% are able to earn incredible incomes in excess of a million a year!

With all these fact surrounding direct sales or network marketing it is without a doubt the best kept secret in home based businesses with low start up costs!
Prostitution requires zero financial investment. On the other hand, moral and spiritual investment must be drastic Very Happy
talibhsn wrote:
If anyone wants to start his/her own business but has limited financial resources. So you will recommend which business which needs small investment but success chance is relatively high?


Maybe you need for one year 1,000 US Dollar for technique

You can earn every day 100 US Dollar or more
but You have to pay taxes and take care for a good insurance. Thats important. Save and rich.
Buying and selling Bitcoins

Ive doubled my investment this years.

They seem to fluctuate so I buy low and sell high. Its tons of fun..

There is no real limit how little you need to spend. Even a dollar is OK.
According to me real estate business requires small investment. If you want to invest in real estate then it is good idea. You will start with small amount. Real estate business is very good option.
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