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What you wana do if you go in your past?

If you get an opportunity to get into your past then you will choose which time in your past life?
If I were to have the opportunity to go back in time to where I was younger, and before all the mistakes had occurred, I think it would probably be back to a time when I first attended High School (Standard 6 - for South Africa - or Grade 4 everywhere else) Whether it was to learn more, stand up to bullies, not be a bully or to excel at what I do. Everything that we make mistakes with, teaches us. But learning from other people's mistakes instead is so much more rewarding... Smile (Even if those other people happen to be ourselves, in this case) Smile
Failing that... I may just decide to go back to a time, just before I put the wrong lotto numbers down...
Money can't buy you love... but honey, it can help you to get there... Smile
I would basically go back to the beginning. When I started school. I would try and put more effort into learning to read and write. I would add a little more purpose in there, some direction I want to go. Most of my schooling and even to this day I feel like I don't know what I want to do, I don't know where I fit in. Do I have a dream job?

If I started earlier with my interest in technology I could be further ahead and maybe I'd have more opportunities. I would still get into instrumental music. I might have stuck with the trumpet back in public school and I would have avoided the bouncy castle all together since I nearly knocked my front tooth out with my own knee (took a while for it to set itself, several years actually and it still feels somewhat sensitive to pressure). Although, I do like the baritone sax... I might get into that in high school but keep the trumpet close by since I did have a good tone.

I'd probably make sure I had summer jobs and I'd get my driver's license a heck of a lot sooner. Might avoid certain people I dated and look for other people I may have passed by that I wish I hadn't of.

Bittersweet moment: I'd pester my mom into going to the Dr's office sooner and consistently... I'd hate to think this would be one of those 'go back in time to save someone but they are fated to die' things... I don't like those.
I think that everything happens for a reason. Therefore, if I were to go back in time and change things, I think I would just end up messing everything up.
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