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How much time we should spent for our hobbies in every week?

Some people favors that we should spare some of our time for our hobbies in order to keep ourselve fresh anf healthy. What do you think whether you favor this argument or against them?
If you don't spend at least some time on hobbies, I'm really curious as to how you are spending your time.

As in, I would simply think it hard or impossible to actually spend all of your time working without engaging in any hobbies whatsoever. I mean, yes, there are different degrees of stopping and actually taking time to unwind.

I might debate the definition of 'hobby', but I think that you need more than work in your life to maintain sanity, yes.
I think that as long as you enjoy the time you have to yourself, it is fine. I wouldn't worry about calling it a hobby for certain, as long as you enjoy the time. That's the most important thing. Why pick a hobby if you don't enjoy it?
yes, i agree with spending time with our hobby too.

my hobbies are to listening music, dancing and visiting new places,
which makes not only me but also every one out there
fresh and health.

It will keeps us relief from tension.

we can enjoy the time with our hobbies
Half of my lives is spend with my hobbies. I have so many hobbies that it is no use to tell about them right now. My work is only for making money.
Yes, i agree with spending time with our hobby too.
on my hobbies, i spend all my free time.
for me there is no time limit.when ever i have a time i try to make my things automated.i love automation.For example in my house i have a simple wooden door.i made adevice and put on the door to make automated,and i was successful in my efforts.
I don't have much time to do hobbies since i have little children that need love from the father. Maybe i should make taking care my children as my personal hobby. But i think someday i will have very very much time for hobby.
I try to spend as much time as I can on my hobbies. It is a great way to unwind after a stressful work day.
Well, let's just say, i have A LOT of free time. This free time i use to be with friends and programming.
Theres not really much point to this question, what kind of answer are you looking for besides 'enough that I don't stop enjoying it, and it doesn't disrupt work or relationships'. ?
hh feeling like answering this one,
agree to many for it's necessary that one should be indulging up with your time in hobbie activities
it keeps you fresh.

What i think we try to achieve is not the freshness of mind but the satisfaction we gain from within after having acomplished what we really love to do.
This very feeling is what we are looking for after a boring Sad day.

Idea probably this sense of feeling good is called of to be freshness of mind, but for sure it's not meant to get yourself refreshed so that you can get back to the same boring tasks again!

so>Time should never be the limit just get yourself going whwenever you fell like. Probably you will gain much of positive energies to accomplish other task effectively(the aim of the mainstream). Wink[/quote]
it is good doing hobby all the time, maybe 3hours a day is good Embarassed
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