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Is Google Translate the best?

I work for an internet retail company, and in a day's work probably answer email messages from 6 or 7 people, from different countries, in 6 or 7 different languages.
I find that more often than not, their message transltes pretty well in Google Translate, but the longer and more complex the sentences, the more prone to veering off track the meaning goes, and I'm left to try and "patch up" the meaning in my own head.
To reply, I always use very short, simple sentences, and make sure any words I use have only one meaning (eg. "sentences" can mean a collection of words, OR a period of time spent in prison!!)...yes, there are some very strange translations!!
Anyway, am I using the best free translator, or is there another you would recommend I try?
In more complex sentences, the grammar is often on the line. This often produces a very interesting sentence structures with completely different meaning than the original sentence.

Conclusion: Short sentences and single words bring Google Translate is not out of the rest.
My language (Hindi), being very complex, Google translate gets a lot of errors in translating from English to Hindi..
Mainly because the same word is said in different ways in Hindi according to where it is used...
And i tried translation from German to Hindi....and the sentence became almost uncomprehendable
off topic:

this is not some online screen, but a printed signboard

I don't know any better than Google Translate. I often translate between Swedish and English and it works quite well. Not really good enough to put in a book or on a website but good enough to understand. I have noticed that translating French gives much worse results. I wonder if that is because the languages are more different or if Google has learned the translation from all the Frenchmen that speak poor English.
google is nuumber one Wink
Google translator is not good to translator English to Hindi or Hindi to English but i have no other option which i can take help.
with google fast development it would be best translator Very Happy

google new innovation can translate from picture, it help a lot for me to translate non abc alphabet
it depends literally on the two languages you are translating from and to..
look at this translating from English to Urdu

English: New York is far far away from Islamabad, such that the only flexible way to travel is by air...
Urdu: نیو یارک کا سفر کرنے کا واحد راستہ لچکدار ہوا کی طرف سے ہے اس طرح کہ دور اسلام آباد سے دور ہے ...
which means There is one way to journey to new york which is in the way of air, far islamabad far away

in one way or the other, the other person will understand want you are trying to say, even if you translate to something broken up meaning, but he will surely think you are crazy.
Depends on the source and destination languages.
If two languages are related (e.g. English and French / Dutch and German / Japanese and Korean ...) and are highly used then chances are you'll get the best machine translation.
I remember before Google Translate exists I used to use a dedicated software called ATLAS to translate between Japanese and English, the result was mostly crappy though the software is about 2GB (huge at the time). Google Translate is now doing a better job for free at zero disk cost.
You can try Babylon online translator or dictionaries. It supports a lot of languages. I think it is as good as Google translator. Here is the link:
If you wish to download their translation software and install it on your computer – note that only the software is free not the dictionaries themselves.
Good luck!
panolga wrote:
You can try Babylon online translator or dictionaries. It supports a lot of languages. I think it is as good as Google translator.

I tried it on the first paragraph of the French Wikipedia article about Zebras, here lined up for comparison sentence by sentence:
Google: Zebra is an ambiguous common name in French, may refer to several different herbivorous species of the family Equidae, as donkeys and horses.
Babylon: Zebra is a vernacular name ambiguous in French, which may designate several herbivore species different from the equidae family, just as the donkeys and horses.

Zebras are found mainly in central and southern Africa.
Babylon: The zebras are found mainly in central and southern Africa.

Google: These animals are characterized by bands of black and white vertical stripes.
Babylon: These animals are characterized by bands of vertical stripes black and white.

Google: Although the phylogeny of horses is not known, it is clearly paraphyletic group, that is to say that if all these animals down many common species, all descendants of this species are not as zebras .
Babylon: Although the phylogenetic analysis of equidae is little known, this group is clearly paraphyletic, that is to say that if all these animals drop much of a common species, all species descended from the latter are not as zebras.

Google: There are also horses and donkeys that are more or less close to each species.
Babylon: There are also horses and donkeys which are more or less close to each of these species.

Babylon seems to have a problem translating long texts. I had to split the above text in two pieces to get it fully translated. Otherwise I must say I'm surprised that Babylon seem to be about as good as Google. In the first sentence I think Google used words that was easier to understand but maybe that's just because I'm not a native speaker. In the third line Google has a better word order. Both struggled with the long fourth sentence. I guess it's impossible to decide a clear winner from just this short text.
online translators can't be never better than a human translator...
It has been 5 months now that I chat with a friend of mine from Chile. She only speaks Spanish, and at the beginning my Spanish was pretty bad. However I do speak Italian, and that was good enough to understand whether the sentence translated automatically made any sense. So basically I have been using Google translate a lot now, and regularly over some months now. I type something in English, then get the translation, then check whether the translation makes sense and finally I copy the content into Facebook messenger. If I want to write something important or if in doubt I double-check single words on

And here is my experience after 5 months of using Google Translate: it is not perfect but it's OK. The constant need to double-check the translation has made me learn Spanish. So after all this time I am using Google Translate less and less. At least I have become confident enough to type simple phrases without Google Translate now.

What I particularly like is that Google Translate shows various translations to a word. So basically I can pick the one that fits best. Compared to Bing Google's results are much better. I am not sure about other translation tools. However i might try Babylon in the next days, just to see whether that is any better.
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