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Share your love experiences

Hi All,

Has anyone of you have the best love experiences to share here with us.

Tell us more about how you met your love ones and the wonderful experiences you have with each other.

It would be a good heart warming story for all to hear and know the love of your life has enjoyed every moment of it.

Everyone of us must have experience something wonderful that we would like to share with the world.
I first met my husband when I was almost 16. We both worked together at KFC and he started his first shift while I was working on Drive through. I sensed his presence before I saw him and felt some sort of connection, that I ended up asking him out. He said no.

He didn't want to be with me because he was 18 and I was a hyperactive teenager. This did not stop me though, I asked him for his phone number and he gave me a fake one! I checked it with the work records and confronted him with it and he laughed at me. We became friends, although our only real interaction was at work. Relationship-wise, we went about dating other people.

Just before I turned 19, I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time and decided to pursue him again. I began to invite him to parties and flirt with him. I got some response back and then decided to be daring, kissing him at my 19th Birthday party. We got together that night.

9 Years later, he asked me to marry him. I had asked him to marry me a couple of times, with the response - 'not yet'. To which I'd ask "When then?" He would always tell me - "When you least expect it." Given the type of person I am, that was really hard for him. Whenever he would try to plan something I'd be right on top of it. So to surprise me, one day when I was sick and he'd taken the day off work to look after me, he got down on one knee and asked me. Not the most romantic time and place on the surface, but hey - I totally did not see that coming - he got the surprise in.

We got married 8 months later, in a nice quiet wedding and he took me on my first overseas trip for our honeymoon - Singapore, Egypt and Kuala Lumpor. Going to Egypt was one of my greatest dreams and I can never thank him enough for making that dream come true.

We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in 4 day <3
I have 8 years relationship. I met her at university on 2005. We have a good relationship, but sometimes fighting. I think its normal. And now, we are planning to get married on next year.
romiduk wrote:
I have 8 years relationship. I met her at university on 2005. We have a good relationship, but sometimes fighting. I think its normal. And now, we are planning to get married on next year.

Stop fighting.
It is not normal.
It is not funny.

Try one week stay in peace.
Do sex.
Then You are happy both.

It usually happens bcoz there is difference in your thoughts. So just try to enjoy every moment in your life with your love and try to make it memorable.
Yes. Every kiss is a party.
Just let the feelings flow.
Special women like this.
I have a lot of that... they are just not that fortunate enough Smile
Sex is not tumbling dice:
Ask Your parents.
if e
ven have to think about it, you've never in love
So You think
a life with fighting with everybody has more advantages.
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