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Share your travelled destination with all

Hi there everyone,

Lets all share on our travel tips for everyone so that everyone could get the idea of the places and the cost of the places where they might be going.

Also tell me where you are from and do share somethings about your country and location,so that others would know more about your hometown if they do wish to visit your country in the near coming future.

Whatever details you could provide would help everyone here to understand the country better and be careful of certain things.

Hope that this forum will benefit all.

God Bless n God Speed.
I would like to suggest Goa as a wonderful tour destination for one who is looking for India beach tour. I really had a great experience and it's remarkable too.

I am from Malaysia and I live just on the edge of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. Honestly, I have not travelled much regionally (only Singapore Smile ) but I've travelled quite extensively around Europe - Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain and of course the UK.

If you are an European traveller coming to Malaysia you probably may not have to many difficulties visiting Malaysia as almost everyone (at least in the big cities) speaks reasonable English. It's not too hard to get lost here as well cos everything's pretty much modern and up to date which would probably make it (I would suggest KL or Penang) an ideal base for you to visit around the South-East Asia region.
You can travel around easily and cheaply by AirAsia (yeah it's Malaysian)

Gosh I better stop, I'm starting to sound like a travel ambassador... Very Happy
I would like to suggest Plitvice Lakes in Croatia! It has an amazing scenery! Probably one of the most wonderful in Europe. The colour of the water is amazing. We are always surrounded by wonderful stepped lakes and waterfalls. It's a very relaxing atmosphere. The surrouding forest and mountains make it even more wonderful. If you are lucky you can even catch a glimpse of a bear on the other side of the lake. It didn't happened to me, but happened the day before I was there (so said the guide). Wrong day to go there I believe Smile It's great in summer, it's great in winter with all the snow. You definitively should go there!
I would like to share my memorable trip to Chail. There I go with my friends on car. We get ready early in the morning and at reached there 11 am . There we played alot in river take snaps and drink beers. Weatrhere was so awesome there. We enjoy the whole trip and make it memorabnle
Nice, I read the storiers of all of you friends where you travell an how you enjoy . I like it, Keep it up .
My favorite place in USA would surely be Niagara falls. The pictures of Niagara falls and the experiences that people narrate make me fall in love with it.
Following are the top destinations:
San Diego
U.S. Virgin Islands
Orlando-Walt Disney World
Las Vegas
My Favorite place is the USA, there are so many attractive and historical places are present. You can also enjoy your holiday their with your family. There are so many attractive beaches are present. Near beaches you can get the best and top class restaurants.From their you can get the best views of the beaches.
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