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Breakfast should be heavy as compare to Lunch?

Some people recommends that everyone should take heavy breakfast as compare to our lunch if you want to keep yourself healthy. Please give comments.
define heavy.
Yes,I agree with that breakfast should be heavy. It should be your biggest meal, giving you energy for the whole day
A recent medical study shows that men who do not eat breakfast at all is a higher probability of getting a heart attack than men who eat breakfast.
As my know,breakfast and lunch is same as important.not heavy is super.
dinner and breakfast both should be same in my sense
I think each person has to find what works best for himself. If you eat a lot in the evening you need to eat less in the morning and vice versa.

For me the breakfast is the smallest meal and consists of sandwiches and muesli. On regular days I eat the same kind of food in the evening too but a bit more than I eat at breakfast. I normally only eat one hot meal a day so I don't really make any distinction between lunch and dinner. The hot meal is clearly the biggest one and is often closer to the breakfast than to the evening meal but not always.
Some people can't eat a lot of food in the morning. Some people eat breakfast in the end of night and have no lunch at all (fasting). Breakfast and lunch both of them are very important to human health. Fasting with no breakfast in the end of the night is also not good.
You just need to learn a little bit on how to track your macros/calories in a day.
You should eat like a king for breakfast, like a queen for lunch, and like a poor person for supper. This makes sense because in the morning, you have fasted all night, plus, you have a whole day of activity before you. Supper should be the smallest meal, since you are going to bed anyways; if you eat a lot for supper, you will not be able to sleep well.

If you have problems eating breakfast, it helps to skip supper you will have more appetite and feel better in the morning! In fact, studies show that people who eat three times a day are 70% more likely to get colon cancer than people who eat only two times. Just throwing it out there . . . .
talibhsn wrote:

Some people recommends that everyone should take heavy breakfast as compare to our lunch if you want to keep yourself healthy. Please give comments.

If you're doing any sort of exercise, then definitely go for a richer breakfast. When I was lifting a few years ago I used to take in about 1500kcal during breakfast, mostly from milk / yogurt / almonds and stuff like that. I was also eating 5-6 meals a day, obviously not all of them as heavy as that (sometimes it was just a protein shake), but that's another story.
Ultimately, do what your body tells you to do. If you feel like eating a lot in the morning, then eat a lot. If you don't feel like eating at all in the morning... then man up and at least eat a sandwich or something, it's more important than you think.
Break fast should be heavy as compared to lunch .Especially for kids,Because they have to go school and need more energy.
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